Author Notes:

Well here we are again, although this is a bit of a shorter chapter this time, but it is still as steamy as ever, probably the most steamy yet! I really hope you are all enjoying it, even if it is making you a bit hot under the collar ;)

Under the Covers

We were properly kissing. It wasn't a peck, we were really going for it and Joe was a great kisser. His minty breath was quite something and as his tongue guided its way around my mouth I was just stunned with the whole situation. I was trying my best to keep up my side of the kissing but Joe was dominating things, not that I minded.

Eventually he stopped and pulled himself away from me.

"Sorry." he said, immediately trying to cover up the raging erection of his that was pointing high again.

"You've no need to be sorry." I said. "I liked it, really liked it. You're a great kisser." I added.

"Well, I have had plenty of practise." smiled Joe, the fun and regular look returning to him once more in an instant. "You weren't bad yourself." he added as gripped my hand tightly. I squeezed it back and just kept looking at Joe's cock, it was mesmerising in its own way, standing up at such an angle.

"How does yours do that?" I asked for some reason. I don't know why, but I couldn't help it. Joe just laughed and fell back onto the bed, his cock now pointing towards the ceiling.

"I don't know." he giggled. "Have a feel if you want." he added as he put his arms behind his head.

"Really?" I asked, getting very shy all of a sudden. I was sure I was blushing.

"Yeah, whatever, we'll probably have sex soon anyway. Whatever." Joe said, in a rather matter of fact way. Everything seemed to stop around me in that moment. Had Joe seriously just said what I thought he had? I was hearing things surely? It can't have been right.

If I had heard things right then this would be quite the step. I hadn't had sex before and Joe would be taking my virginity. I was hearing things, I was sure of it however my face told a different story. I looked scared and Joe could see that.

"I am joking by the way." he said. "We're not having sex."

"I knew that!" I replied, trying to laugh it off, although there was a bit of disappointment to be honest. Joe does jokes, I know that but after the kiss, a passionate one at that, things like this may be different. Obviously not the case.

"You can still have a feel you know." Joe said invitingly, his cock still rock hard and pointing to the sky. I moved closer towards Joe and looked him over, his body was quite something close up. Even something like his balls looked good, not a hair in sight. Surely he didn't shave them?

"Go on." Joe then encouraged. "I'm not going to tell anyone. This is between us."

"But what if someone finds out?" I asked, fearing that somehow this could become news around school. How? I didn't know but I feared it.

"Don't worry, I'll have your back." Joe comforted me, reaching out a hand to mine. "We're close for a reason. I love you, as a friend. Trust me." he added.

"And I love you too." I said, although not saying the friend bit as I moved towards Joe, clambered on top of him and moved in to kiss him. I was going to jerk him off, not just yet. I loved the taste of breath, it was so fresh, and I wanted more of it.

Our tongues were at war as the kissing intensified between us. I'd never known anything like it and as our bodies rubbed up against each other, I could feel my cock getting harder and harder again as Joe's rock hard member brushed against my body in such a way that it sent tingles down my spine.

The kissing continued and continued and I was in heaven, loving every second of it. Joe was really into it as well and after I'd not taken up the offer of feeling his cock, Joe took matters into his own hands.

I groaned as all of a sudden I realised he was holding my cock in a firm grip.

"Let me have the honours." Joe said. I couldn't believe it.

After all the wanting on my part for us to be jerking off together, I certainly never imagined Joe having a hold of my erect cock, especially as we were kissing. Everything was so unexpected and Joe was definitely giving my dick a firm tug.

I groaned again, much louder this time, loud enough to make Joe laugh as he tugged me once more.

"You're so good at this." I struggled to say as the sensations down below were getting stronger and stronger. Joe didn't respond as he continued to jerk me off. I could feel I was about to cum though and only a few tugs in from Joe's wonderful hands I basically exploded all over both of our chests, a stream of the white stuff sticking to both of us before trickling down our bodies.

"Fuck." laughed Joe as he wiped his hand on his own body, spreading my cum all over himself. "That was quick."

"Oi, I couldn't help that." I said as I kissed Joe once more, his lips still as tender and his breath as minty as the first kiss we'd enjoyed not so long ago.

Joe's cock was still rock hard and pointing towards the ceiling as I laid across him, our bodies still dripping in my own cum, but I couldn't bring myself to jerk him off. After all that build-up, for some reason I just couldn't do it. It was kind of intimidating and yet Joe had jerked me off without a moment's hesitation. I hadn't actually asked him and he did it. Some people would find that bad I know but not me. I enjoyed every second of it.

I kept moving my hand towards the base of his cock, towards the shaft but then kept moving it back. Joe was now laying with one arm behind his head, he was practically inviting me to do it still and yet I couldn't. Something was wrong with me. Even after watching that video of the two guys and getting turned on by it, I couldn't seem to do it myself.

I moved closer to Joe's face and kissed him on the lips once more, but the worry about things was clearly etched across my face. Joe picked up on it immediately.

"What's wrong?" he asked. I struggled to find the words for some time; being next to a big erect penis - that was causing the problems - it wasn't helping matters I admit.

"I...don't...think I can" I eventually said.

"Do what?" asked Joe. I couldn't tell if he was truly not aware what I meant or not.

"Jerk you off." I replied. "Like you did to me. I'm a bit scared." I added, admitting to my fears, although it sounded pathetic said out aloud. Joe immediately ushered me off his body to allow him to sit up. He placed a hand on my shoulder and smiled.

"I don't care." he said. "If we never do anything like this again, I don't mind. I loved it whatever happens."

"But you're not the one who wanted this." I said, pointing out the obvious. I wanted this, not Joe. He'd kicked me out of his room for watching him jerk off and yet he'd done so much more than me.

"It doesn't matter." said Joe. "It really doesn't. If you don't want to do it, I'll have to anyway. It's the longest I've ever had a boner and not jerked I think. It's kind of hurting!" he smiled as he moved in to kiss me again. Our lips were so attracted to each other, like magnets they were. It was like nothing else I'd ever experienced, the spark that was there between us was something else and as we kissed and kissed I heard Joe groan.

He was jerking himself but I didn't care. Our tongues were wrestling like mad and our bodies were all so hot and sweaty that anything else might have made me cum again. There was only so much I had in the tank.

"I love this." mumbled Joe through our passionate kisses which were getting more and more intense with each passing second. It was the most I'd ever kissed someone and the most intense kisses at that.

"And I love you." I added although this time by accident. Whether Joe had truly heard what I said I don't know but I think I was in love with him and always had been.

We're friends, but could we be a lot more?