The girls were enjoying

Their Spring Break in

Cancun and allowed a

Guy to take some pics

Of them having fun.

That was before he

Asked the girls to get

Naked for one more

Pic only to have Nicole

Tell him to drop dead.

The next day, her best

Friend Lisa went to

Check on Nicole and

Found her beaten to a

Blood stained pulp.

There was a note next

To the body which


DROP DEAD!", which

Made Lisa scream loud.

And after the dead

Body of their friend had

Been taken away, the

Local police told the

Other girls to go home.

The reason why is that

The guy who took their

Pictures was really a

Modern day version of

Jack The Ripper himself.

And when they heard

That, the other girls

Agreed with Lisa that

It would be best for

Them to go right home.