We, my fellow brothers,

Are afraid to confess.

We repent like it's just another mutter

Under our breath or a second guess.

While we should pray

In the darkness of privacy.

So our master may see what is

Done in secret and reward us for humbleness and not icy.

But I talk about the fear.

The thing that drops us to our knees.

The thing we envision holding

The executioner sword and chaining us from being free.

We must gain our wisdom,

And we must be in perseverance.

We must give our sacrifice and hold

Our God to His reverence.

But in order to do so,

We all must start somewhere.

We must not count the number of

Grey from black hair.

We must laugh in the face of death

For Jesus conquered it so.

We must have faith that we

Are here for Him and He for us though we are below.

Do you know what must be gained

In order to accomplish such feats.

Love and courage.

For with them, we are impossible to defeat.

Love is of course, greater.

This is out, open, and plain.

No matter religion, orientation, or

If you are meant to be slain.

But today, I am here to speak

About courage.

The very emotion those who are shy lack

And remain stuck in that of a fridge.

Courage is breaking out of such a thing.

Courage is the will to believe in the midst of disbelief.

It is the ability to distinguish God

And the mad dog barking at a leaf.

Courage it the ability to love someone,

To openly admit it.

Sometimes, it is to deny what your flesh desires

Though people may have a fit.

Realize, courage is what we call bravery,

But bravery is not the way of foolish.

It is not prideful in an attempt to impress others,

Nor is it greedy in attention for the gift of favors and wish.

If that's how your courage is,

Slippery as a fish,

Then how will your faith stand in the midst of

Being impressed by movements and ungodly protests that swish

Through like a rabid dog.

I tell you shall not have such faith.

I refuse to have my brothers and sisters fall

For we are inhabited by those who act of Satan and his wraiths.

Courage, is standing when everyone sits.

Courage is fighting when all surrender to sin.

Courage is dying to be called a loser in this life

Despite your belief in the Father is your demise as it is a win.

Bow down to the King!

By faith and grace you shall be saved and known.

Bow down to the King!

For He will be proud to see His children believe and have courage to be shown.

Bless the Lord.