Chapter 4

Lydia and I were among the last to leave the reception which was not part of my original plan! It wasn't that late – maybe eight o'clock following a 2:00 wedding ceremony but I was tired from all the physical and emotional activity.

"You heading back to Springdale?" I asked Lydia as I walked her to her car in the parking lot.

"No, I'm staying with my parents tonight," she revealed.

"Want to stop by my place for a nightcap first?"

"That would be nice," Lydia replied. "I'll follow you."

I lived in an apartment in a remodeled old Victorian not far from where I grew up. I pulled into the lot behind the house and Lydia parked next to me. She had her shoes in her hands as she walked up the back stairs with me and into my well-kept and modernized apartment.

I hadn't been with anybody for a while but I was surprised at how relaxed and laid back I felt being with Lydia again after so many years apart. But we were friends back then so why was I thinking of her in potential romantic terms on this night?

Lydia took a seat on the living room couch while I made drinks in the kitchen and then I joined her. We reviewed the day – the wonderful wedding ceremony, the great reception, the mutual friends we had bumped into. And then, after another drink, I started to feel awkward. Was I supposed to make a move on her? Were we still 'just friends' or had we propelled our relationship into something different from the moment I saw her naked that night?

Lydia did her best to provide the right signs to let me know she was game. She gradually inched herself closer to me as we chatted and then she put her shoeless feet on my lap which I rubbed. Later, she adjusted herself so she was sitting in my lap and cuddling into my chest, the scent of her lilac perfume still strong.

"You know," I said when our conversation hit a low. "Sometimes, when I have a cold and get a cough, my Adam's apple hurts from where you karate chopped it that night."

"Ohh," She said with sadness, leaning in and kissing my throat. "I'm sorry."

"Apology accepted," I smiled, finally going for the kiss I had been waiting for since about eighth grade.

We made out like the teenagers we used to be and I was struck by how natural and comfortable it all felt, our long ago dispute resolved and settled. It was amazing to think we could find ourselves in this particular setting considering how wide our split had once been. I think we both knew it was time and that neither of us could wait a moment longer.

Lydia got off my lap and she glanced around when she stood. "Where's the bedroom?" She wanted to know.

I took her hand in mine and led her to the bedroom, not feeling nervous at all. Lydia slipped out of her dress as she stood at the foot of the bed and then she glanced at me as she stood in her sexy light blue thong and a lacy bra that barely covered her breasts.

"Well, you've already seen my naked," she said, unfastening her bra and letting it fall to the floor and then slipping her panties down her legs to reveal herself in all her beauty, only it was much more pleasurable than it had been on that ugly Peeping Tom Night.

"But I've never seen you naked," she grinned seductively.

I didn't waste much time ridding myself of my clothes and when my underwear hit the floor Lydia's eyes grew wide.

"Well," she said with approval. "Full frontal nudity for both of us."

I was surprised that I became automatically aroused. I guess after so many years of wanting and waiting to finally have Lydia standing in front of me in the nude and perfectly willing…well, there was no reason for me to be Mr. Saunders in this situation.

I noticed Lydia was staring at me with fascination. "You okay?" I asked.

"Yes," she said happily. "I'm fine."
"Are you nervous?" I worried.

"Not at all," she assured me seductively.

I grinned with approval and stepped closer to her, kissing her warmly on her forehead before taking her into a skin-to-skin embrace. "I wish you had been infatuated with me," I whispered.

"I am now," she sang as she pulled me toward the bed.