Death glides through the realm of mortals, invisible to all around him. His destination, a meeting with a poor soul in St. Louis Hospital. The soul's timer ends in five minutes, she was in the middle of giving birth.


The automatic doors slide open with a hiss. Screaming can be heard from down the halls. Death turned robotically, heading towards the sound. The god gazed down at the women that will soon join the deceased. Sweat poured down her face her eyes were screwed tight.


"Come on, one last push."

"Doctor we're losing her! She won't make it!'


"No, she will make it! Come on give me one more push."

The mortals seemed to be desperate to save her. This confused Death, for nobody can run from fate. This mortal has almost no time left. Death glanced up at the timer above the women's head, it was ticking down steadily.


Then the mortal turned, eyes zeroed in on the death god. It was as if she could see her doom approaching. "Please, at least spare my child." Death stood motionless before her.


Death turned his sights on the man sitting outside, his head in his hands, the looked back at the women. The deity's gaze bore into the woman's soul. She stared right back, eyes determined.


Death waved a hand over the soon to be dead woman's face. For even Death can be merciful. The clock spun backward.


"She's stable for now. Okay ma'am, give me one more push."

The woman's eyes closed, her face hardened, teeth clenched.


The mortal screamed and pushed one last time. He child came screaming and kicking into the world. For the briefest moment, Death's features softened.


The man rushed in, tears streaming down his face as he took in the sight of his newborn baby. He collapsed onto his knees at the side of the hospital bed, sobbing in earnest now, wrapping his arms around his small family.


The women slowly pulled away, holding the now silent child close to her. "Honey?" the man sounded concerned, "Honey, what's wrong?"


"Promise to take care of this child. Promise to do your best to make our child happy. Promise to do so even if I'm not with you." the new mother's hand clung onto her husband's wrist, her voice shook.

"Honey, what are you talking about? You're going to be okay. Don't leave us, not now."


Death watched the conversation stoically, patiently waiting for the clock to strike zero. "Love this child, protect my baby. Please," tears streamed down the mother's face.


"No! Don't say that like you're going to die!" the shout from the newborn's father woke the slumbering baby. Sensing their parent's distraught, the infant started to cry. Arms held the kid tighter, trying to provide comfort.


"I love you. Both of you, live out life to the fullest. I'm so sorry





"I love both of you so much." A final tear slid down the dying woman's face.


A/N: This is an I'm sorry I didn't update last week. Also, I can't take all the credit for this piece, it was inspired by a comic stripped created by Snippy MJ.