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This is my second attempt to write a space battle and special thanks to the amazing Alltheeagles for giving me tips on how to make the space battles a bit more human.

This scene is based on a war I (and the Yakta Autocracy) fought during the video game "Stellaris." All the factions and names have been taken from the game, I just visualized the action and gave the game characters.

I hope you enjoy the story.


Space opened up as the Yakta fleet warped into the Hantaron system. The sleek corvettes and destroyers rumbled next to massive cruisers and battleships. Weapon emplacements bristled on the one hundred and twenty ships as they moved towards the only planet in the system that sparkled with civilization.

The fleet rumbled past dead worlds and moons, uncharacteristically leaving the orbiting mining stations and powered down defense platforms be as they moved towards the planet. The Yakta Autocracy was going to end a war.

Admiral Sassomun dol'Home stood on the bridge of the battleship Liberator, the rest of the Yakta could call his ship just another Seper'Fundolith Monolith or whatever the technical name was. The Liberator was his home. Everything from the ambient sound to the smells to the names of the crew, that was all comforting to him.

"Move our ships into Naff'uji's orbit and prepare for battle." He grunted, his massive paws surprisingly gentle as he tapped in coordinates "Get me scans of the planet and the Havarigga fleet. Prepare for battle, all hands to their stations and prepare starfighters to launch."

The screen lit up in front of him as the scans did their work, showing the enemy fleet resting next to a massive space station. Missile launchers rotated towards the Yakta ships as the Havarigga fleet moved to form a protective barrier in front of the planet.

"Scans show forty odd ships, sir, mostly corvettes and destroyers with a few frigates. The space station is armed with thirty missile launchers, all heating up and preparing to fire."

Sassomun nodded and smiled as thirteen transport ships winked into existence behind him. "General Yodegud, are you prepared to end this war?" He asked into the comlink.

"Aye, just punch a hole through the fleet and our army will force a surrender at the ends of our blades." The general's gruff voice responded.

"Good, let's end this" The transmission ended as the Yakta fleet inched closer and closer to the enemy, every soldier, crewmember, and captain ready for the first shots of the last battle.


The war with the Havarigga United Planets had begun with attacks on the Yakta homeworld of Quell. The Havariggas were notorious stealth fighters, able to blend in with transport and food ships to gain access to Quell's cities. Then they planted bombs and blew things up, sowing terror in Quell's main cities.

It had taken the Yakta longer than they cared to admit, but they managed to capture the terrorists and learn that the United Planets were funding them. A declaration of war soon followed, and the Yakta Autocracy dealt the technologically inferior Havarigga a heavy defeat. As a peace treaty was signed, a rebel government occupied several territories that were abandoned after the war forming the Havarigga Union.

The Union was much friendlier to Yakta interests, and it was part of the reason they were fighting their third war with the United Planets. When the government of the Havarigga Union was declared illegitimate and the Havarigga United Planets declared war on them, the Yakta instantly leapt to the aid of their allies. With several other empires joining the conflict, the Havarigga were losing planets left and right, and now the Yakta were delivering the final blow.

Down on the surface of Naff'uji, a massive city gleamed on the surface. The only city that gleamed with silver plasteel and tall shining buildings where the upper class resided, in contrast to the huts and barren villages that dotted the rest of the planet.

The Supreme leader of the rapidly dwindling Havarigga United Planets, Fosalin, sat in his chair as he raised a glass of wine to his lips. With the troubling times his empire was facing, drinking a bit too much to help with the stress was practically required.

The rebels and terrorists of the Havarigga Union were causing uprisings in his systems, the Otega Empire was launching attacks that kept reinforcements pinned behind the front lines, and the Yakta fleet was in his home system!

"Sir, we have confirmed contact with the Yakta fleet!"

Fosalin stood, attempting to keep panic from showing to the forces he commanded, as his single red eye blinked rapidly and his twin ears quivered "I know that fool! Have our ships form a barrier around the planet and get all ground units into position! Make the Yakta fools pay for every inch of this planet in blood!"

As his attendants rushed to carry out the orders, Fosalin pulled out a handheld hologram projector and clicked it on, staring into the face of his ally in the Just Axis coalition.

"Empress Hask'Valgam of the Rethellians" He smiled, attempting to conceal his anger at the reptilian dictator "Where are the ships you promised me?"

"The Rethellian fleet is traveling by hyperlane to Naff'uji now, you will get your allies." The voice of the Empress was as cool as the blood running through her veins as she inclined her head "The Yakta invaders will be forced out of your system and perhaps we can regain the initiative in this war."

"Just get them here!" He snapped "My fleet can hold off the Yakta for a time, but not forever!"

The sounds of the distant space battle echoed through the halls of the palace as Fosalin clicked off the hologram projection, cursing the time that seemed to move far too slow.

The Yakta fleet moved forward as Sassomun barked out the last orders to his crewmembers "Prepare all fighters for launch and fire the moment we are in range. Tear that space station apart and punch a hole for the transports!"

The Liberator inched ever closer until finally the first shots from its torpedo tubes rocked the ship slightly, and the battle began.

The Havarigga fleet opened fire, lasers and projectile rounds smashing into the Yakta shields as missiles blasted from the space station, the slow moving weapons shattering against the pinpointed shots of the Yakta lasers.

The corvettes sparred with lasers and disruptor blasts, the deadly beams streaking across space and fizzling out against shields as the cruisers fired their long range lasers into the space station, each blast weakening the shields further.

A second battleship angled itself towards a Havarigga destroyer opening fire with its lasers as it riddled the destroyer along its length. Finally, with a satisfying smaller explosion, the shields overloaded and a blast to the engines engulfed the destroyer in flame.

Sassomun smiled as he moved figures on a key pad wordlessly, sending new coordinates and tactical updates to the ships under his command. He trusted the men who served him to rise to the ever changing challenges of battle and instead focused on the larger picture.

The missiles from the space station were an annoyance, and for the most part, the anti-missile lasers were stopping them from impacting the shields. The Havarigga fleet was now getting in close and attempting to flank the larger Yakta ships, trying to spar with their counterparts while using their speed to avoid the bigger cruisers and battleships.

"Admiral, we have starfighters coming up from the surface! We count at least eight or nine squads sir!"

Sassomun nodded and barked into the comlink "All Yakta ships, launch fighters and man your point defenses! Keep your squadrons close and try to draw the fighters to us!"


From the one hundred and four hangars launched dozens of Yakta fighters, each one armed with lasers and torpedo tubes and consisting of a small shield generator and two engines. The entire black and gray starfighter was medium sized and blended perfectly into the black of space.

"All wings, form up on your commanders and engage fighters! Do not descend into the atmosphere!" The lead fighter barked "Squad three and four form up on me!"

The fifty fighters wheeled away from the main group to dive headlong into the Havarigga fighters, spitting laser blasts as the Havarigga fighters wove around them already shooting back. The crisscrossing laser beams flashed, along with countless starships blossoming into flaming wrecks as both sides engaged one another, chasing their targets as the pilots struggled not to be chased or caught by a stray blast.

The remaining squads circled around the dueling capital ships, diving headlong into bombing runs against weakly shielded corvettes, or pumping laser blasts into the enemy. Point defenses from the Havarigga ships opened up in an attempt to stop the onslaught and soon the fighters began to die, spinning out of control and crashing into each other or a ship, choking the battlefield with flaming chunks of debris.


"Fire, Fire, Fire!"

The Havarigga space station stood alone, a beacon of defiance and as a symbol of the power for the United Planets. The crew on board sat at consoles as they loaded and fired their missiles, letting the launchers spit out projectiles of death into the enemy fleet.

They cursed and rattled their throat appendages as the lasers of the Yakta carved their missiles up, causing them to explode well before they reached the main engagement, but they didn't slow down, instead choosing to fire even more. Just one had to get past the net of lasers, just one successful strike would be enough to raise their morale.

The leader of the station growled as the dogfighting starfighters chased one another around the station, stray laser blasts rocking the structure or an explosion temporarily blinding the gunner crews, still the crew performed their job, each missile carrying the hopes of the Havarigga United Planets… hopes that dashed when each missile was destroyed.

Still, they fired and didn't stop. They fired as the Yakta cruisers focused more and more of their firepower on the station, each impact causing sparks to fly off of consoles and missiles to explode in their tubes. They fired as Yakta starfighters left the main battle to run endless bombing and strafing attacks on the station, barely giving the shields a chance to recharge. They fired as a lucky enemy missile shattered their hull, the impact killing several Havarigga as the air began to rush out of the room.

A fist down on a button sealed the breach, but the bombardment didn't stop, and the station began to come apart under the punishment alarms blaring a futile warning against an obvious fate.

The last thing the leader of the space station saw before the station exploded into a million flaming atoms was one of their missiles soaring through space, finally crashing into a Yakta corvette.


Starfighter code name 1049-5069 of Squadron 4 was the first Yakta to die in the engagement, but after that, the deaths began to multiply.

Starfighter casuality lists filled the screen as Admiral Sassomun watched a corvette burst into flames after a missile from the space station struck it. He closed his eyes, cursing the luck of the Havarigga. Their enemy was inferior in every way… these casualty numbers were unacceptable, and they would haunt him long after the war was over.

Still, he smiled at the station came apart and the last bits of Havarigga resistance were caught on all sides and blown to atoms by the Liberator's weapons. "All fighters, escort the transport ships into the atmosphere then fan out and deal with any starfighter resistance on the planet. All capital ships move into position and start bombing the city."

"Thanks for the assistance Admiral, my warriors and I will take it from here!" Yodegud yelled into the comlink as his ships arced towards the atmosphere.

"Enter the orbit of the planet and then prep all pods for drop!"


As the capital ships began to open fire on the city, the transport ships positioned themselves in the atmosphere of Naff'uji and began to open, letting their bottoms peel away as dozens of man-sized pods were released and plummeted down to the planet's atmosphere.

Yakta starfighters followed them down, escorting the pods through flak and laser bursts as the Havarigga anti-aircraft guns opened fire, some of the attacks causing the pods to explode or the fighters to spin out of control. As the starfighters released torpedoes towards the gun emplacements, the first of the pods hit the ground and the casing fell away to reveal a muscular Yakta warrior, another pod hit the ground, then another, and another until the entire Yakta force was on the ground.

Each warrior took a moment to flex his muscles and get his body accustomed to the almost freezing air of Naff'uji before joining up with their squadron leaders. More pods opened to reveal massive battlesuits, which several Yakta including Yodegud got inside.

As the helmet fell over his face, Yodegud primed the suit and issued orders, knowing his voice was crackling through every earpiece comlink. "All armored squads, let's take those anti-air cannons down, infantry you have orders from your commanding officers, let's move and take the city!"

The Yakta army cheered before rushing forward towards the palace gates, drawing laser rifles and swords that crackled with energy as the powerful battlesuit squadrons charged in front of them.


"Sir the Yakta army has landed at our gates!"

"We have enemy starfighters at quadrants four, nine, and sixteen sir!"

"We just lost our forward position!"

Fosalin took a breath and cursed as the battle plan fell apart around his ears "Get our tanks in position in quadrant five, order the fifth and twelfth army to hold the gates, and get every available fighter in the air to hold off the bombers! Now!"

His single eye blinked as he cursed "Where are those accursed Rethellians!" If his empire survived this siege, which was increasingly unlikely, he was going to have a strongly worded conversation with the Empress about her timing.

He watched the attack unfold on a viewscreen, growling as the Yakta troops tore through his own forces like an energy blade through plastic, already the din of the anti-aircraft guns was growing quieter as the bombardment pounded his forces into rubble and explosions were getting closer. Already alarms were flashing across the screen.

The thrice damned Yakta have charged through the gate! They're in the city!

Then a second alarm blared and a sigh of relief echoed through the control room. The Rethellian fleet had arrived and not a second too soon. With the support of the Empress's fierce army, the Havarigga Union would win back the city and then obliterate the Yakta once and for all!


"Admiral, we have enemy ships warping in behind us!"

Sassomun turned towards the viewscreen, letting the Yakta scanners analyze the new arrivals. "Rethellians!" He growled, instantly seizing the comlink. "All ships, repeat, all ships turn around and engage the Rethellian fleet. Do not let them attack us from the flank!"

"Sir they are firing ion disruptors!"

The massive Yakta fleet turned slowly, attempting to shield its exposed engines from the attacks and bring their weapons to bear on their new enemy. However, they were not fast enough to avoid the first bombardment, and Sassomun cursed as the ion disruptors impacted his ship.

The Yakta fleet sparked as blue bolts of energy danced across their hulls and the ships began to power down under the onslaught, some turned around partly, and others still presented their engines to the enemy.

"We've lost engine movement, sir, it will take a few minutes to recalibrate the power!"

The aide's words meant nothing to him as he growled, slamming his fist on the console.

"Rethellian fighters are heading towards us!"

"All Yakta fighters recall from the planet and draw their fire away from us!" He ordered, cursing as the Liberator was rocked by enemy laser and torpedo fire. "Contact engineering and have them get us power by any means necessary!"

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a destroyer explode as a well-placed torpedo shattered the engines, the chain reaction destroying the entire ship.

The reptilian cowards weren't even closing in with the paralyzed Yakta! Their cruisers were simply firing long-range missiles as the rest of the ships got into battle formation. Rage filled Sassomun's chest as he made a mental note to petition the Autocracy for permission to launch an invasion of Rethellian space. The cold-blooded creatures would pay ten times for the blood they spilled today.

But first, their ships had to survive.


The Rethellian fleet maneuvered its smaller ships into position as its ten cruisers pounded the Yakta fleet.

"We have caught them unguarded and unaware, now press the attack!" The commander hissed. "All power to forward cannons, I want their fleet helpless before the ion disrupters wear off."

A second Rethellian moved over to the commander's station "Sir, their fighters are coming up from the atmosphere, should I order our ships to engage so we can launch the transports?"

"No, the orders come from the Empress and she only wishes us to engage the Yakta fleet. No ground forces are to participate in the battle. If the Havarigga wish to win the day they will fight the ground war without our help, we are only ordered to keep the Yakta from interfering further on the surface."

The aide nodded and went back to his station as the commander watched a second Yakta ship explode under their guns.

The sight pleased him.


The battle raged on in space as the Yakta army charged forward, the battlesuits in the lead. Long mechanical strides took the suited warriors towards the Havarigga barricade as they lifted handheld cannons like toys and opened fire.

The massive beams threw Havarigga soldiers away from their positions as the Yakta charged into battle. The Battlesuits charged forward, blasting anything that moved with their cannons and shoulder mounted rocket packs as Havarigga abandoned their anti-aircraft guns as they exploded around them.

Rockets and cannon blasts smashed into the steel wall of the palace gate, causing it to melt inwards as the Yakta rushed inside, only to be greeted by the laser blasts of the Havarigga army.

They stood behind makeshift barricades and held laser rifles in their hands, spitting red bolts of death towards the invading Yakta. Any Yakta not hit by the initial attack dove for cover and began shooting back, watching the bodies smoke and fall.

"Plasma Grenades!"

A green light flashed as the grenades went off, sending some Yakta backward and vaporizing others as Yodegud cursed, shooting his cannon at the origin of the grenades "Keep moving Yakta, we need to get a foothold in the city!"

The Havarigga snarled war cries and kept firing, only pausing to retreat slightly to better positions as the invaders came on and on. The Yakta kept blasting, while others charged forward and swung their energy swords or used their guns as clubs, causing the weaker Havarigga to crumple under the blows.

Yodegud's earpiece buzzed with orders as the gate was secured, and already individual squads were moving out through the city. The key was to isolate the palace and secure the surrounding areas before storming it, and while the infantry took care of that, his armored soldiers would be dealing with the palace defenses.

"All armored soldiers follow me to the palace!"


He led his soldiers towards the palace, his scanners constantly moving in order to see what they were up against, as well as keeping an eye on the rest of his forces.

Most of the resistance had been targeted at defending the gate, and since it had fallen so quickly the Yakta infantry was only engaged in a few firefights.

"General, we have heat signatures in several of the buildings, and I'm picking up the sounds of tanks."

Yodegud cursed as the scanners picked up four Havarigga tanks, and although the Havarigga United Planets were inferior in a lot of ways, the main cannons of those tanks could rip apart the battlesuits.

Warcries and laserfire filled the air as Havarigga soldiers opened fire from the buildings, lasers pinging and burning the Yakta battlesuits as they hunkered down, returning fire with their cannons and missiles. Sections of the buildings exploded, sending bricks and bodies through the air as the ambush turned into a battle, and the sound of tank treads came ever closer.

A Havarigga soldier took aim with a rocket launcher, opening fire on the besieged Yakta battlesuits.

The explosion threw two Yakta to the ground as Yodegud cursed, a second explosion followed as the tanks arrived, blocking off the path.

"Admiral! Where is our air support, my armored division is pinned down!" Yodegud called, cursing again as static was received as an answer. "Any divisions in the area, my unit is taking heavy fire and needs immediate support. Enemy tanks are on sight!"

The Yakta were firing their cannons indiscriminately now, ripping holes in buildings to flush out their ambushers before finishing them with more precise secondary blasts. One soldier slung his cannon over his back, seizing the missile launcher that had menaced them seconds ago from the dead hands of its wielder and taking aim at a tank.

The main gun was the essential part of the tank and the heavy armor was built around it, but it had a large power generator in its middle to charge the gun. The soldier took aim, allowing his helmet scanners to analyze the tank, to determine where he could shoot to disable the gun. It would only buy his men a few seconds of time, but it would be a few seconds well spent.

The rocket fired and smashed into the tank, which rolled backward as if it were a living thing in pain, and the soldier smiled. Then the gun swiveled towards him through the smoke and took aim.

The soldier fumbled with his launcher, struggling in vain to load another shot before a grenade was hurled from behind them.

General Yodegud turned as several Yakta soldiers hurled grenades, grenades that exploded with blue energy.

"Ion grenades sir!"

"I couldn't have asked for better backup! Alright Yakta, let's make scrap out of those tanks!"

The Yakta battlesuits charged, leaping on top of the inert tanks and ripping the hulls apart with their mechanical muscles before shooting with their cannons down at the occupants inside.

"The tanks are down, all forces move towards the palace!" Yodegud screamed. As his soldiers climbed over the tanks, he lamented that the systems inside were only meant for aliens with a single eye. They would have helped.


Admiral Sassomun watched the Yakta fighters spin and weave away from Rethellian fighters. Watching the soldiers under his command protect them was the only thing there was to do because power had only been restored to a few key systems but nothing could get them moving.

He winced as another blast from a cruiser rocked the Liberator, thankfully the damage had been minimal to his bigger ships, but he'd lost two corvettes and a destroyer to the bombardment.

"We need our power restored!" He growled for the umpteenth time, knowing that the engineers on all the ships were working overtime to solve that problem. He saw that the Rethellian ships were now moving in closer, adding lasers and missiles to the bombardment and he cursed. Here he was at the last battle of his career and now he was going to die without even being able to defend himself.

Then the screen in front of him switched to life, and he smiled as the voice of engineering crew filled the ship. "All Yakta vessels, we've purged the extra power from the system and all ships are back online."

"Alright, All Yakta ships who can still fight close in on the Rethellian fleet, those who can't pull back into the atmosphere and bombard the city! Let's show those yellow bellied reptiles how we can fight back!"

The fleet surged forward, opening fire with a vengeance on their tormentors. Missiles slammed into hulls, lasers shattered shields, and the Liberator's guns roared as the distance was rapidly closed and both sides ripped into one another at point blank range.

Starfighters buzzed and blasted away at one another, then led bombing runs against the capital ships as weapons thundered and debris choked the space between the dueling forces.

There was no strategy involved, no grand plan, not even a method of victory. This was the chaos of a battle where both sides wanted nothing more than to cause the other side pain. Admiral Sassomun roared in bloodlust as he watched a cruiser explode under concentrated fire, as the Rethellian fleet was slowly boxed in.

Despite their greater numbers and the damage the Rethellians had already done to the Yakta ships, they lacked the one thing that made the Yakta fight ever harder.

The warm blood of rage.


The Rethellian commander cursed as reports from his aides poured in.

"Sir we are losing our deflector shields!"

"A second ion disruptor burst will not be charged in time!"

"The Yakta cruisers are trapping us!"

"Silence!" He screamed, "All craft prepare for emergency warp jump, the Havarigga are not worth these losses. All craft prepare to retreat!"

The Rethellian fighters swarmed and poured back into their hangars as the ships struggled to hold out against the barrage, pleading for their warp drives to charge faster as explosions and damage reports filled their ears.

Then it was done! Fists slammed down on buttons and the remains of the Rethellian fleet leapt into hyperspace, badly mauled and wounded, but prepared to fight again.


The Yakta army swarmed the palace as support fire from the fleet finally came down, shattering the heavy cannons that kept the bulk of the force pinned down.

As the cannons exploded, General Yodegud placed his cannon over his shoulder and drew his favorite weapon. His axe, the axe that cleaved heads of monsters and had ripped apart far greater threats to the Yakta Autocracy than the Havarigga.

His axe would taste blood.

He fired a rocket from his shoulder pack at the palace door and then rammed his battlesuit shoulder against it. As the door caved in, he charged inside.


Everywhere he looked, his Havarigga were falling.

Whether blasted by accurate shooting, thrown to the ground or into walls by the battle suits or simply sliced in half by Yakta who liked to get in close with their enemy, the last armed resistance was falling before his eye.

So Supreme Commander Fosalin took a deep breath as the last of his troops fell and prepared to speak the same words for the third time.

"On behalf of the Havarigga United Planets, we surrender to the Yakta Autocracy."

One of the battle-suited troopers raised his helmet and smiled. "And on behalf of the Yakta Autocracy, we do not accept. Your time as an empire is over."

The axe then swept, faster than most eyes could follow, and Fosalin's head hit the ground with a squelch as Yodegud smiled "This was the last war our two nations would fight, and losing means annihilation. The Havarigga United Planets are no more."

As the Yakta forces withdrew from Naff'uji, the Havarigga Union was already moving in.

The planet had been ceded over to them as spoils of war, and now a Yakta friendly regime was in place for the next stage of Galactic domination.

And even in the time of peace, plans against the Rethellian Autocracy were already being made, because, for the Yakta, nothing else would suit them but the complete security of their borders.

Their enemies would be slain and their borders would be drawn in the debris of wrecked starships and blood.

Only then would they be satisfied.


I hope you enjoyed the story!

In my current playthrough of Stellaris, the Yakta (under my somewhat capable command) are just about to vanquish the Havarigga United Planets and will soon defeat the Rethelians... because I want secure borders!

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