the trumpets boldly declare their glorious song!

Power and strength flood through me

Giving me invincible courage!

Passionately, I raise my head.

"I will not submit to death!" I cry, with a Strength I never knew I had!

I charged towards the armies that is so large it encompasses all the areas around me

I may die, but I would die Fighting!

It is better to die as a warrior

Than cower like a broken dog!

I tear through each of my enemies

Hacking, biting, hitting, and stabbing anyone or thing I could get my hands on!

Deep slashes and dark bruises appear on my body,

but to me

they were Merely nicks and scratches!

The sound of the trumpets stirred me on, beckoning me forward!

It gave me the strength to go and fight onward!

I knew I could not fall, so long as the trumpets played their Mighty and Glorious sound!

Feeding me strength and an unbreakable will

I know that now I WILL WIN!