This chapter is just a bunch of snippets of text from the last couple months that weren't used or I just lost interest in but still like. (Totally not clearing out my 200+ notes of random crap, of which some are fragmented sentences and parts of stories.)

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(Nov 2017)

the two of them hurried about, haphazardly grabbing clean and not-as-clean shirts and stuffing them into the badge-adorned duffel bags. outside the window the universe was dark and empty, and cold enough that frost had spread around the corner of the clear glass.

(Dec 2017)

she's finished making half a dozen pancakes at this point. she's still got most of the batter left.

they sit in silence. eve drinks her coffee and seems more lucid for every sip. kayla continues making pancakes in silence, but sends glances their way that alexis doesn't miss.

(Jan 2018)

She frowned slightly. The sky was clear and deep blue, and more stars were visible here than from in the cities. But Kas wasn't looking up into it, he was looking into his glass of fancy champagne.

(Feb 2018)

the setting sun was swallowed by the gathering dark clouds on the horizon.

(Feb 2018)

snow clung to the landlines and trees, piling up and drooping over dramatically to the right.