I wake up to a dark bedroom.

I don't blink the sleep out of my eyes, I just pull the sheet further up onto my shoulders, so it almost touches my neck. I'm awake because I felt the cold in my sleep, but I guess I couldn't dig up the brain power to pull the fabric up while I was sleeping. I nuzzle into my pillow, and fall back asleep.

I wake up, again, to a cold, dark bedroom.

This time, I sit up. The sheet isn't up to my shoulders anymore. It's down in the middle of my stomach, like I'm wearing a skirt or something. What the hell? I'm not a wild sleeper. Maybe I just shrugged it off. Yeah, that has to be it. Either that, or my sister's sneaking over while I sleep and tugging the sheet off of me as a prank. I shiver. Jesus, it's freezing. I tug the sheet up again, and plop back down onto my pillow. I fall asleep faster this time.

My eyes open again, and this time, I'm angry. I whisper a swear, and shoot up from the bed. The wooden floor freezes the bottom of my feet, and I feel my heart speed up with the jolt of adrenaline. Great, I'm one-hundred percent awake now. I check the edges of my bed and the bottom, to make sure the sheet isn't caught in the frame. It isn't. Weird. There's no reason it should keep falling off of my body. I look over to the other side of the room, and Daniella, my sister, is knocked out cold. She's snoring a little bit. There's no way she's pranking me. I think about waking her up, but she'll tear me a new one if I shake her out of her 'beauty sleep'.

I sit back down on my bed, then stretch out and lay down. The chill is still in the room, and I suck in a hard breath to prepare myself for it. I grip the sheet in my fists, tug it over my body, then roll over and clamp it under me. It's not going anywhere this time. Not on my watch. I lay there, awake, trying to force myself back to sleep, but it's not working. It's too cold, and it actually feels like it's getting colder. I take a shaky breath, and shove my face into my frigid pillow. I force myself to take long, even breaths, until eventually, they're all I'm listening to.

Then, I fall asleep.

I jolt up to Daniella's alarm. I don't know why she set one. She doesn't have to go anywhere. I roll over to face her side of the room, and the sheet isn't on me. That's a good thing. It's hot as he-


It's hot. Hot, hot. We live in Mississippi, and it's the dead of July. My heart catches in my throat, and I snatch my phone off of my bedstand. My sister yawns.

"What's your problem, freak?"

I ignore her, and open my weather app.

It's eighty degrees right now. I scroll back to last night. From midnight till five AM, it was an even seventy-two. I drop my phone next to me and swing off of my bed. My feet touch the floor, and it's warm, so warm that it couldn't have been as freezing as I knew it was last night.

Daniella walks closer to me and snaps her fingers. "Hello, earth to Derrick! What's your problem?"

I alternate pressure on both of my feet, and shake my head. Something's wrong.

Something is very, very wrong.