HEY! I wanted to put this up. This was originally what happens when they Lincoln and Derrick kiss for the first time. It was at the end of chapter 16, but I decided to cut this and push it back. I found it today and decided to tack it on. I've got a sequel to this story saved, but I don't know if I'll get to editing it. We'll see. Anyway, enjoy! xx

I stand up and walk to my door. I open it, and Lincoln is standing in the doorway. He steps forward and shuts the door behind him.

"Where were we? Something about platonic, right?"

Courage, here we go. We're already way closer than two friends should ever stand, so I don't need to move in. I shut my eyes and touch his lips for a full second, maybe, then pull back. His lips are soft and inviting, and I don't want to like the feeling as much as I do, but I can't help it. That was a rush. When I open my eyes, he's still standing in front of me. He licks his bottom lip and nods. A smile creeps up on his lips, and I force down the urge to go in for another.

"Completely platonic, right?"

"Totally platonic. Congratulations on ending your seventy-year drought."

He snickers. "Thank you."

I shove my hands in my pockets, then take one out to point over my shoulder. "Right, well I've gotta go pick up my sister."

He thumbs back over his shoulder. "Door's that way."

Shit. "Right, that way. Thanks."

We do a circle motion, where I pass him to get to the door and he passes me to go further into my room. When I get to the door, I feel myself get turned around and pushed against it. He grabs the front of my shirt and kisses me, harder than last time, with determination. Caution is still in the wind, and the results feel absolutely amazing. I grip the back of his neck and pull him in closer. I've done this with girls before, but this feels like something completely different. It's a mix of him being a guy and the strange feelings I have about him, which are also there partially because he's a guy. This whole thing is a nerve ending explosion of confusion and pleasure, but I don't care. We're the only ones here.

He pulls away and smudges the corner of his mouth. I just lean back on the door. He walks away from me and sits on my bed.

"Platonic, right?"

I nod. "Right. Platonic."