Readers' Group Discussion Questions

For those who like readers' group questions at the end of your stories, here are a few you can discuss (provided you've read the whole story). Discuss your answers in the comments or reviews section.

Sammy believes in practicing professionalism, even in the midst of insanity. Why do you think he insists on maintaining his professional behavior at a place like Happy Fun Land?

Does Sammy succeed in maintaining his professionalism in spite of everything that goes on around him? Discuss.

Does Sammy take the Happy Fun Land pill out of trust or duty to his boss? Explain.

Why does Sammy have such a back-and-forth conflict with the children surrounding him when he poses as a Happy Fun Land character?

Why does Sammy appear to hate Happy Fun Land so much? Does he actually hate it?

Is Sammy's battle with Nippy the Cat symbolic or literal? Explain.

What's the significance behind Bubby the Bear's ousting? Does he actually go against the usual cartoon clich├ęs, or does he merely offend Nippy's sense of normality?

As Sammy leaves Happy Fun Land, he believes his actions are a warning shot to something greater. What does he have in mind? Why would he think this way? What might he end up doing? Explain.

What else about Amusement do you think merits a discussion?