It was on a Saturday

Morning that Dean

Woke up and found

Himself in bed with

More than a hangover.

He also noticed that

A blonde babe was

Still sleeping next to

Him and softly said,

"Ah, Crud! Why me?"

That was before he

Looked at one of the

Photos that he took

During Spring Break

And saw her in it.

That 'her' happens

To be Janet and she

Wore a University of

Kentucky baseball

Cap in that one pic.

Anyway, that was

Before Dean began

To realize that some

Of his pals invited

Janet to a local bar.

Janet along with

Her three friends

Went with the guys

To the bar and had

One or two drinks.

Maybe more because

Dean had also noticed

That both he and Janet

Were also naked which

Almost made Dean puke.

"Dean, why did you do

Such a stupid thing last

Night?", he softly said

To himself before he

Heard a long moan.

It was Janet who woke

Up, looked at Dean and

Said, "Believe it or not,

Ripley. That is exactly

What I want to know."