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xxxx night play

Hugo's Memories .1.


Ivo smiled and looked up to the man that called for him;

"Baby~ I was hoping I would get to see you this week." Ivo's voice was light, airy, and bubbly.

Hugo smiled some as he leaned against the door frame; it led into Ivo's dressing room that he shared with a few other dancers,

"Busy tonight?"

"I don't know…~" Ivo smiled teasingly towards Hugo and set down the comb he was running through his shoulder length, wavy, strawberry blonde hair, "am I busy tonight?"

Hugo chuckled softly and reached out to push back a strand of that pink hair and continued to run his fingertips along Ivo's delicate jaw and down his neck.

"Grab your things…."

Ivo perked up excited and turned to go to his vanity so he can grab his bag and tossed a few things in there; he looked back to Hugo and excitedly said,

"Go tell Daddy! Make sure you say it nicely, Hugo~ He is out of a dancer so he has to rearrange the show!"

Hugo's hazel eyes rolled, hard. He pushed himself off the door and pivoted his feet to turn away from the door and then gave a slight wave,

"Yeah, yeah. I'll go see him… meet me outside."

Ivo was out before Hugo. He perched himself on the bouncer's stool and lit up a cigarette. Underneath the bright light of the club, he was beautiful; there was a reason why he danced; petite and cute, Ivo had milky smooth skin and a cute face. His legs were clad in fishnet stockings, his ass covered in faux leather booty shorts, the bottom of his cheeks hanging out. He wore a 'fashionably' torn light pink sleeveless shirt with the '$$$' symbol in gold glitter. His slender fingers pulled out a pack of Marlboros and lit one up while he waited.

"Someone pick you up tonight, Evie?"

Ivo looked to the bouncer and smiled,

"Yes! I get to get out of this hellhole for the night!"

"Ha-ha-hah! Regulars are gonna be maaaaad." the bouncer laughed while he teased him,

Ivo looked to the bouncer and grinned, "I'll be sure to make it up to them when I get back… It's nice to have one client and not have to dance on everyone's dick for a buck or two."

The bouncer laughed and sobered up when the door opened and Hugo stepped out. He moved out of the way and Hugo walked passed him. The bouncer waited until Hugo couldn't see his face and then wiggled his brows towards Ivo as if to say, 'Good catch, kid.' and grinned.

Ivo giggled lightly when he exhaled and looked to Hugo. He licked his bottom lip lightly and his green eyes checked out the tall drink of man that stood in front of him.

"It's been awhile, Hugo… where have you been?"

Hugo looked Ivo over again and when the small frame got off the chair he shrugged his jacket off and hung it over Ivo's shoulder. Ivo instantly swimming in the worn out leather jacket. It was like a dress on him, especially since Hugo was a giant, but so warm and comforting. The scent of Hugo invaded his nose and wrapped around him like a soft, plush blanket. Ivo was instantly intoxicated and his body buzzed with excitement.

"Here and there…" Hugo muttered and then changed the subject, "You hungry?"

Ivo finished off his cigarette and tossed it while he exhaled and leaned against Hugo when they walked away from the club, "I rather just get to your apartment – maybe just order in? Chinese? Pizza? I know you don't have much at the place…"

"We can figure it out when you get hungry then."

Ivo smiled at Hugo when he spoke and then looked ahead while they walked to Hugo's car. He figured with how short Hugo was with his words that the man didn't really want to talk so he kept quiet after that. Ivo's slender fingers reached out to wrap around Hugo's fingers; the giant finally smiled lightly and looked down to him. His finger stretched and moved to take Ivo's hand and he stopped before they got to the car and moved his other hand to cup the dancer's face. He took a moment to admire Ivo and leaned down so he can kiss him gently.

Ivo took in a sharp breath and kissed Hugo back, his free hand moved up to run through Hugo's hair before he pulled him down to deepen the kiss. He hummed lightly into it while his arms moved again to wrap around the taller man's neck and he jumped; with a fluid-like motion of water, Hugo moved his hands to capture Ivo's thighs and easily held him up while Ivo wrapped his legs around his waist. Both of the men laughed lightly.

"You know…" he whispered gently, "There is one thing I am hungry for right now…" he bit his bottom lip and looked down into Hugo's eyes while his fingers brushed against Hugo's lips. Ivo grinned deviously.

The older man laughed now and nipped at the finger, "Oh? What's that? Anything for you…"

Ivo leaned his forehead against Hugo's and threaded his fingers through his hair before muttered,


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