Theodosia, daughter of Lucifer, sat with her friend in a flower filled meadow, a red flower crown around her head. It went well with her black and red armour. She took a strawberry from the bowl her friend brought to eat. Her black hair flowed down to her back, and her red eyes rested on the horizon.

Izumi ate a strawberry, smiling at the crown they made draped around Theodosia's head. The smol flower child reached for the last strawberry, as did Theodosia.

Thea stared at her, then glared.

"Fight me, bitch."

Izumi grinned, tackling Thea as she grabbed the strawberry. She brought them. They were her's.

Thea struggled against her friend, before kicking them away. She was the daughter of Lucifer. She got what she wanted.

Izumi fell back, before dashing forward and snatching the berry. They winked at Thea, before the woman pulled out a sword. Izumi shut their eyes before flame projectiles shot themselves at Thea.

Thea dashed forward, dodging the projectiles, and tackling Izumi before they promptly shoved the berry in their mouth. They showed off, opening their mouth before Thea shoved her face forward, passionately kissing them. Unfamiliar with Earth customs, she didn't understand that this was an act of love.

Izumi felt their heart skip a beat, and they shut their eyes, holding Thea close as they kissed. A shiver ran their spine as Thea's tongue brushed over their own, before Theodosia pulled away, proudly showing off the berry in her mouth.

"I don't think so!" Izumi purred, before kissing Thea again, their battle for the berry continuing in their mouths.