Epilogue: Rebooted Romance:

Right now, part of me feels as though things shouldn't have become the way they are. It's one of those moments where you don't expect things to work out in your favor, but then are ultimately proven wrong for whatever reason. In this case, I hadn't expected Trevor to reciprocate my desire for a fresh start with our love, yet he has ultimately come through and we are living happily together.

In the lone month since your last glimpse into my life, Trevor has finally managed to save up enough to buy his first house, and I have been given the honor of being his first housemate. He now has adequate space for his collection of merchandise based on his favorite video games and anime, while I now have a solid roof over my head. Amidst all the transitioning in our lives, the both of us have ultimately stayed strong and pulled through thick and thin together. We've each had our highs and lows, but such is life. Following my retirement from prostitution, I'm no longer in the same league as the other she-wolves on my block, and as a result, I've slowly grown apart from them. Similarly, after Trevor had come clean about our relationship, he'd ended up losing most of his friends (presumably due to their disapproval of him dating a hooker), and the ones he still has appear to perceive him differently. Some remain supportive but in a cautious way, while others look at him like he's some sort of badass.

While Trevor has moved on from his career in retail and instead become a banker, I have earned myself a job as a waitress at Sandra's - the very restaurant where we had gone on our very first date. Outside of work, I have also been taking night-classes in hopes to become a lawyer, as well as to reach the same educational level as Trevor. And when I'm not doing either of those, I am busying myself weaning my boyfriend off of his cheap, fast-food diet by whipping up some of my mother's famous dishes - doing surprisingly well at it, considering my lack of cooking experience for several years and my lack of access to the physical recipes. The two of us have also improved our health, stamina, and physical appearances by working out together - usually by walking and jogging around our new neighborhood.

As for our bond, it is still holding up quite well despite the lack of my voodoo doll's influence. It may have been the object that had ultimately brought us together, but both Trevor and I have agreed to not let it be the reason we stay together. After moving into our house, one of the first things we've done is place the doll in its own special glass case in the master suite, where it will be safe from sharp objects or anything else that might accidentally manipulate it.

I now know Trevor's favorite foods and colors, what makes him laugh, what peeves him, and everything in between - and he now knows those very things about me as well. Though the two of us are alike in that we both tend to play things by ear and know how to love the little things in life, that hasn't stopped us from rubbing off on each other in various ways. I am now a gamer and anime binge-watcher like Trevor, and I now know his favorites from both mediums. It turns out that Trevor isn't completely aligned towards one console in the ongoing wars, but loves all three equally - enjoying kiddie platformers just as much as he enjoys mature shooters. I have also grown accustomed to watching the uncensored, Japanese dubs of anime, which makes for yet another activity for us to bond over. Similarly, Trevor has learned to spend more time outside, exploring the city he lives in, as I have done for the longest time.

Trevor himself is also just the best boyfriend I could have ever hoped for. Even ignoring his ridiculously handsome looks, he never nags, he's low-maintenance, he's totally flexible and understanding, and he never tries to dominate or control the relationship like most men do in old-school romance flicks. I doubt any other woman would've been able to appreciate Trevor for who he truly is, for they probably would've been easily deterred by his geeky exterior. In spite of his lack of domineering traits, I still find that I have a naturally more submissive personality despite my sense of independence. I still feel great pleasure in committing various acts of generosity and servitude towards Trevor whether he deserves it or not, and whenever he's in a less-than-stellar mood, I always give in and let him do things his way. In fact, the two of us have gotten along so well that Trevor has recently proposed to me, and we are set to be married sometime in the future.

Due to both of us agreeing that there are much more important factors in a successful relationship, Trevor and I have slowly phased sex out of our regular activity schedule, though not completely as neither of us can deny how sensational it always is whenever we do it. Then again, it's not like sleeping with him constantly would provide much of a risk - as previously established, both of us are clean, and as of a recent check-up at the doctor's office, I have been declared infertile. Trevor in particular had been initially shocked at the news, but has decided not to hold it over my head, for he claims that he doesn't need offspring to be happy. It's also during our rare nights of passion where the doll is removed from his case and played with, making for some very interesting foreplay.

In spite of my near-constant state of happiness and inner-peace, I still can't stop thinking about that doll, nor the circumstances in which I had discovered it. I am truly convinced that the voodoo master had cast a glance in my direction after discarding it on that fateful rainy night, even if he hadn't actually seen me. And there had been an odd glint in his eyes, looking extra bright due to the blinding flashes of lightning occurring at the same time. Maybe he had known that I - someone in a less-than-ideal situation who could use a spell of magic more than anyone - would pick it up and use it to my benefit. I have even brought this subject up in a discussion with Trevor recently, and he seems convinced that this may have been the case, although we have both made an ironclad agreement to not do anything else voodoo-related.

Currently, I am feeling the happiest that I have ever felt in my life, after an eternity of prostitution, homelessness, and loss of family. I no longer hate the world, and I am a much better, stronger, more optimistic person as a result of all that I've been through. As I live here peacefully in my house with my fiancé, I seriously wonder what my grandmother would think if she were to see me now after throwing me out of her house.

~ ~ ~ The End ~ ~ ~