Watch Your Six

This feels like it has been going on for an age
And yet, still I'm stuck, locked inside your cage
Now, it's war that I wage

I'm not going to play, be a pawn in your game
Or fall hard into that same trap again
Walk down that path the same

This night, watch your six, I'm going to make it right
You better keep your face out of my sight
Or I'll make this a fight

My intent is to walk out that metallic door
Before you jump or even cross the floor
It's you who'll wish for more

Looking back to our past it's like some crazy dream
Full of voices, of songs and sweet ice cream
It makes me want to scream

The real scoop here is this isn't truly the end
I can't fix you nor will I see you mend
Hurt me but I won't bend.

This egg's breaking hold and coming out of her shell
I also plan to send you straight to hell
Will I ever be free?

Only time will tell...