Undercover Thief

I'm an undercover thief.

You can't tell because I'm dressed like everyone else

And you'll never figure out I'm robbing you blind.


It has been with you for years;

You nurture it, feed it, take it everywhere you go,

You use it every moment of your life,

Spent thousands just to attain it,

And I am here to take off your hands,

Right from under your nose.


I must confess,

You are not my first target,

Nor the last to fall victim.

And I warn you,

I am not one of a kind.


I wasn't always a thief.

But those like you have dangled it in my face,

Egging me on,

And like a bull, I ran for it.

Like a parasite, I'll stick to you until I've exhausted all your reserves.


You make it so easy to take.

To you it's so commonplace, so abundant

That you treat them as shoes.

I admire you for your wealth.

I hope, one day, I will have amassed just as much.

For the time being, I'm stuck with thievery.


Worry not.

Your treasure is going to a good home.

I have many plans in store;

I will use it as I wish.

And if I one day become notorious in my endeavors,

Ill acknowledge you, how you, unaware, aided me.


I thank you

For your precious treasure,

Your knowledge.