The great forest clasped me into its old soul. A mighty kingdom older than any existing today, how could anyone not fall into its riveting and all-reaching grasp. Its song rivaled that of the Greek sirens and all those who walked in the forest trails experienced its irresistibly sweet melodies that boomed into one's ear. As tenderly as a newborn, I took my first steps into this new and unexplored environment. As far as the eye could gaze, great pillars stood holding the very sky of the world up. These pillars exhibited a brown, rough, flaky exterior. Some pillars bled a golden ichor that oozed down into the forest floor. Enwrapped around the pillars was a great white blanket. The blanket was of a mystical nature. It seemed to grow stronger the further one looked out. But as one approached these bastions of strength, the mist would grow weaker as if fleeing from one. The forest is utterly quiet. As time flew above me, the moon was gradually exiled. In between the glorious transition of Artemis to Apollo, the forest was an entirely different world. As I mounted a great boulder and peered over the heads of the great oaken trees, the sky was a bloody red mixed with overtures of a fiery orange. Turning my head slowly and gazing upon the sea of green for a short time, I rotated 180 degrees and saw the moon retreating; a short sliver. The dawn was a far cry from the stereotypical cry of the rooster. Yet, however imperceptibly, a new life had been breathed into the forest. As the sun rose, I gazed once more at the pillars. The fog had begun to dissapitate. The great pillars were even more visible and I saw that an army Lichens had colonized the exterior of the pillars. As I descend to the forest floor, leaves rustled and cracked interfering with the solitude of the forest. It seemed as if the nature was in secret gazing upon me for interrupting the sanctity of the forest. It did not take long for it to muster a response. Cannon-fodder was sent against me. The buzzing of fat ugly mosquitoes became louder and louder. The insects seemed eager to vanquish me to death with a thousand cuts. My own hand smashed dozens of their little bodies, my skin as the anvil and my hand as the hammer. However, these creatures netherless contined to attack and I fled, the footsteps smashing against the forest land. Great cracks of thunder marked my passage.

My breath became heated. My footsteps echoed at a faster pace as I fled. My hands were shaking as I tried to swat them away. The bugs still pursued me. I ran faster, I tripped, I fell, and I plunged. I saw darkness. I got very wet. I swam away. The water was ice cold. Panic, frenzied flapping, greyness, a loud quack and then dozens of geese fled my invasion of their resting place. Their wings beat rapidly as they flew away, perhaps fearing that I was a hunter. The sensation of cold water and shock vied for my attention in this aqua environment. Desperate not to remain in an area where the ducks had left their excrement, I swam rapidly towards the shore. The shore was decked with innumerable amounts of pebbles. As I walked out, my feet were struck with a burning sensation as the pebbles gave me reflected pulses of the sun's fire. Anxiously fleeing the shore to a more shaded area, I gazed once more at the lake; it seemed like a silver spoon with a bright yellow dot at the center. This was a great contrast from moments ago, when it appeared dirty, brownish and dark. Shaking my head at the illusionary nature of the pool, I began to retreat back into the cover of the forest. Soaked wet, I was met by waves of heat from the sun creating a mixed sensation where I felt cold wet yet warm at the same time.

As time flew, the vast ball of fire traveled from the east to the west. It was first yellow, then ruby, and finally purple. It lit up the enormous sky and then upon its departure the world turned black. The sun relinquished its hold of the forest, like a defeated king yielding his throne. In the suns place were; the fireflies flew with their lights pulsing. From hidden coves, crickets chirped for a mate. Within all this, the canopy above billowed under a vast world of white dots. These white dots seemingly twinkled, lighting up the entire sky. I moved forward, delighting in the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. As I inhaled the misty air of the trees, I heard a far off screech from an owl. The sound was beautiful yet haunting. As I continued to walk out of this forest kingdom became apparent. The great oaken trees grew sparser. The streams of fireflies gradually dimmed to a trickle. The trail path turned to grey gravel. As I approached the campsite, my mind lost its captivation. The kingdom of man seemed so dull to what I had just witnessed. As I gaze upon the new construction complexes, I wonder if this experience will still be available 10 years from now. Will the trees be chopped down. Will the river be polluted? Will the nature that sustains humanity be left to destruction. Should I have hope that somehow our world's forest are safe? Only time will tell