Liberty strolled around the store, running her hands over the numerous clothes hanging on the racks. Her arms ached from all the bags nestled on the inside of her elbows. She liked shopping and getting new stuff but that's where the fun ended. The crowded mall, the heavy bags, the noisy people, the Californian warmth, and a hyper best friend were the ingredients for a perfect headache – and Liberty could already feel the pressure starting behind her eyes.

The youngest McCoy looked around in search for Chloe who had once again disappeared. Liberty found an empty bench and dragged her aching feet to it. She sat down, put her bags next to her before looking for her phone.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

At the soft and gentle voice, Liberty looked op from her purse to gaze at a brown haired woman with the kindest blue eyes she'd ever seen. Liberty noticed the woman still looked beautifully young and assumed she couldn't be older than forty years old.

"Oh I'm sorry, no, please take a seat," Liberty offered politely as she moved her bags aside to create more space.

"Thank you," the lady smiled gently.

Liberty smiled back before getting back to search for her phone. She couldn't find the mobile device and cursed under her breath when she remembered where she had left it. She only had 10 percent when she left the house after she couldn't find her charger. She was certain that Alec took hers again. Adam always wanted her to be available when she was away, so she had decided to let it charge in Chloe's car.

Zipping up her purse, Liberty craned her neck in hopes of catching sight of her friend but sighed when Chloe was nowhere to be seen.

"Looking for someone?" the lady sitting next to her asked.

"Oh, just a friend of mine," Liberty replied sheepishly.

"Have you tried to call her?"

Liberty bit the inside of her cheek. "I kinda forgot my phone in her car, so yeah. I'm sure I'll bump into her, she wouldn't leave without me."

"Well, you can use my phone if you want," she offered. "Do you know her number?"

"Oh you're a life saver Mrs. … "

"Eva. Eva Walker."

"Thank you Mrs. Walker," Liberty smiled as she received the phone.

"Oh don't make me feel so old now, just call me Eva," she insisted with a playful wink.

Liberty nodded in gratitude before dialing her best friend.


"Chloe, it's Libby. Where are you?"

"Uh, getting a slurpee?"

Leave it to Chloe to put her stomach on the first place. Liberty rubbed her fingers over her forehead, eyes pinched as she tried to keep the headache under control. "I'm on second floor, next to Sephora's. Hurry up."

Liberty didn't wait for her friend's response and hung up. She wished she could say more but she didn't think it would be polite to say it out loud with Eva sitting next to her. She handed the phone back to the woman with a smile.

"Thank you, Eva."

"You're welcome," she smiled back. "So you're name's Libby huh."

Liberty mentally face-palmed herself – she didn't even introduce herself. "It's Liberty but my friends and family call me Libby most of the time."

Something in the woman's expression changed to surprise and … was that grief? Liberty was confused and thought she did or said something wrong. She gave the lady a questioning and guilty look.

"I'm sorry," the woman briefly shook her head, her brown curls bounding around her heart shaped face. "It's just Libby, I know someone close to my heart with the same name," Eva explained with an apologizing smile.

By the sad and restrained voice of the woman, Liberty wondered something. "Is – is she okay?" she couldn't help but ask.

Eva shook her head, "No. No she's not." She gave Liberty a sorrowful smile, "she, uh, she's gone."

Here they were, in a crowded mall, having known each other for less than five minutes and this woman in front of her already told her something personal. Liberty was literally at a loss for words. What the hell do you tell a woman who lost someone with the same name?

"I am so, so sorry. I shouldn't have asked. I'm truly sorry Mrs. Walker."

"Oh nonsense, you had nothing to do with it, stop apologizing." The woman waved with her hand, brushing away Liberty's apology. "Anyway, I'm over it. it's just your name, it brought some memories back that's all." Upon seeing Liberty's still guilty expression, Eva patted her hand. "It's fine doll, really, don't worry about it."

The teen nodded but Eva's reassuring smile couldn't push all the guilt away. Liberty felt horrible.

"Well, I should get going," Ava announced as she stood back up. "Do you want me to wait until your fiend gets here?"

"No, that's okay, I'll be alright. You already helped me a lot, thanks again."

"Don't mention it," she smiled back. "Don't forget, it's always easy to loose someone in a crowd like this. Be careful next time."

Momentarily taken aback by the seriousness in her voice, Liberty merely nodded.

"Enjoy the rest of your weekend," Eva laughed merrily.

"You too," Liberty waved back. "That was weird," she muttered as soon as the woman left.

"BOOH!" Chloe giggled as she jumped in her best friend's lap.

"Chloe!" Liberty protested, she was about to push her away but Chloe decided to use her secret weapon – puppy dog eyes and the perfect pout. Liberty glared at her, "Looking like a lost puppy won't make me forgive you."

"Shuddup, you love me," Chloe chuckled, kissing Liberty's cheek.

"What took you so long?"

"I was craving a slurpee."

"It took you thirty minutes to get a slurpee?"

"Well no, that only took five minutes. I may have bumped into Carlos Gomez," she wiggled her eyebrows.

"Unbelievable." Liberty rolled her eyes and shoved her friend off her lap.

Chloe nearly fell to the floor but managed to balance herself. She laughed and trailed behind her best friend, slinging an arm around Liberty's neck. "Did I already tell you you look sexy today?"

Liberty scoffed. "Still not forgiving you."

"If I was a guy I would totally hit on you right now," Chloe commented casually with a slap and pinch to Liberty's butt.

"Ow!" Liberty pushed her friend away. "You're crazy Chlo," she couldn't help but laugh. "So how's your search for your parents going?"

Chloe shrugged. "I think I found someone on Facebook but I'm not sure if I should contact the person."

"Why not? You should reach out to them and just talk. I'm sure you have a lot of questions. Also I think you should cross that bridge first before taking it to the next step. It would be weird and overwhelming if you just appeared at their door. You should get to know each other first."

"Yeah, you're prolly right," Chloe said with a thoughtful expression.

"Does your stepmom know about all of this?"

Chloe snorted. "I already talked about it with Kelly and she couldn't care less. I bet she'll be relieved if I leave. Besides anything is better than living with that bitch and her perv of a boyfriend, right?"

Liberty nudged her friend and shot her a sympathetic look. "There's no rush okay? Give it some time, take it step by step at your own pace and if you're still sure about it than I won't stop you Chloe. You deserve it."

Chloe glanced back at her best friend. "You know, I won't stop you either. You deserve it too."

Liberty drew her eyebrows together in confusion. "What are you talking about?" My parents are dead.

"I'm just saying, it's never too late."

"What – " Before Liberty could ask what she meant, Chloe suddenly dragged her out of the mall.

"Let's put these bags away and go to the beach."


"I'm fucking exhausted," Chloe sighed, munching on some curly fries. They just got back from the beach – swimming always made her incredibly hungry and tired. "Who're you texting?"

"Just letting Adam know where I am," Liberty mumbled. They had put their shopping bags in Chloe's car and Liberty used the opportunity to take her phone. She had two missed calls from her brother and decided to put his mind at ease before he'd loose his mind again.

"That guy is overprotective. And not the good kind but the borderline psychotic kind."

Liberty put her phone away and played with the straw of her drink. "He's just paranoid. Always scared something's gonna happen to us."

Chloe cocked an eyebrow. "Like what?"

Liberty had an idea but brushed away the thought. "I don't know," she said instead. Adam wasn't a saint and neither were the people he 'worked' with.

Chloe was about to say something when she caught sight of someone walking passed the window of the diner.

Liberty's eyes widened upon recognizing the person and she instantly kicked her friend under the table. "Chloe no. Don't you fucking dare."

But the black haired girl ignored her and knocked on the window to catch Leon's attention. He was carrying a surfboard under his arm as he talked to some other guy. He turned around when he thought he heard his name. A smile found its way to his lips when he saw the girls.

"Come inside!" Chloe waved him over.

"What in the world do you think you're doing," Liberty forced through gritted teeth.

"One day you'll thank me for this," Chloe winked.

Leon said something to his friend before he made his way into the diner.

"Hey Leon," Chloe greeted cheerily, patting the empty chair next to her. She was aware that Liberty was currently glaring at her but she choose to ignore it.

"Hey," he flashed his dimples, running a hand through his wet hair. "How're you girls doing?"

"Oh just chilling," Chloe said, "right Libby?"

Liberty swallowed hard, shooting her friend a fake smile. "Yeah, just chilling." She turned to Leon and changed her smile into a genuine smile. "You just got back from the beach?"

"Yeah, some friends and I went surfing this morning."

"Liberty loves surfing too," Chloe suddenly said.

Liberty shot her friend a look. "I do not."

"No but she would love to," Chloe said knowingly. "If only she had someone who could teach her."

Oh my god. Liberty wished she could strangle her right now.

"Hey, I can teach you," Leon offered, oblivious to Chloe's scheme. "I come down here every weekend, you should join me next time."

Not wanting to sound rude, Liberty simply nodded. "Yeah," she cleared her throat, "sounds awesome."

Chloe grabbed her drink, hiding her cheeky smile as she downed the ice tea. She put the glass down with a little too much force before standing up. "Well, I'm already late, I should get going. Leon you mind dropping Liberty off. I'm just really in a hurry right now."

A little caught off guard, he nodded. "Uh, yeah sure, no problem."

Liberty jumped to her feet, grabbing Chloe's hand before she could go. "If you leave me here alone with him I won't ever talk to you again," she muttered quiet enough so Leon couldn't hear.

"Relax, Libby. Didn't he say he wanted to get to know you better?" she whispered back. "This is your chance."

"Yeah but not now. And especially not here."

"You'll be fine." Chloe quickly pulled down the straps of Liberty's sundress before patting her cheeks. "Go get 'em tiger."

"Chloe – " Liberty started but her friend already left. She sighed, adjusted her dress and turned around, facing Leon. "I'm sorry about that."

"It's alright," he smirked before pointing at the curly fries. "Mind if I take some?"

She shook her head, pushing the plate closer to him. "Oh no, go ahead."

"Mhmm, these are so good."

Liberty couldn't help but admire how hot he looked as he licked the sauce off his thumb. She wondered what else he could do with that mouth… She blinked, realizing she was probably staring and looked away only to catch Chloe outside. She had put her little finger and thumb against her ear and mouthed 'I'll call you later'.

Liberty flipped her off.

"So, I've been thinking, for our project – we should probably get started on that asap. I heard Mr. Fisher advanced the deadline by one week."

"I almost forgot about that," she admitted as she tucked some hair behind her ear. "How about next week?"

"You're free on Wednesday?"

She took another sip from her drink and nodded. "Wednesday is perfect, gives us enough time to brainstorm."

"Alright, if you want we can work at my house. I drop you off after we're done."

"Sounds good," she smiled. She'd have to ask her brother first though. Hopefully Adam won't be too difficult about it.

"It's a date then," he grinned as he popped the last fry in his mouth.

Liberty's jaw dropped for a second and she could already feel the blush heating up her cheeks.

Leon playfully nudged her foot with his. "Hey, I was just joking."

"Y-yeah, I know," she stuttered, quickly looking away, pretending to pick some dirt from her nails.

The corners of Leon's lips twitched in amusement. The fact that she wasn't watching him gave him the perfect opportunity to really take her in. He let his eyes wander over her pretty face. The faint freckles spread around her button nose and under her piercing blue eyes. The long eyelashes caressing her rosy cheeks. The beautiful long strawberry blonde hair with some shades of brown, spread over her bare shoulders. Those kissable pink lips... She was cute. Beautiful even.


It took him a second before he realized Liberty had said something. "I'm sorry – what?" Leon finally managed to bring out after finding his tongue.

"I just said, we should probably get going," she repeated timidly. Liberty had noticed how he had looked at her and it drove the butterflies in her stomach crazy.

"Yeah, yeah we should." He grabbed his bag pack and surfboard and motioned for her to lead the way. "Hey, wanna go get some ice cream?"

Liberty turned around and smiled. "I never say no to ice cream."

Leon grinned and followed her out of the diner. He watched as the hem of her short dress danced around her long legs, her skin smooth and soft. He bit back a groan and forced his gaze elsewhere.


"C'mon, hop in!" Leon patted the roof of his car as he put his surfboard in the backseat.

Climbing into the passenger's seat, Liberty suddenly felt extremely naked sitting next to him. She still had on her bikini underneath her summer dress, but she felt like he could see right through it. Just ten minutes ago, she didn't even mind showing so much skin at the beach where hundreds of boys could see her. She honestly didn't understand why Leon made her feel like this.

Liberty was extremely aware of his hand on the back of her seat as he pulled away from his parking spot. "So how long do you surf?" she asked, deciding to fill the silence. She was still enjoying her ice-cream, Leon already had finished his.

"Since I was twelve I guess. My mom always used to call me niño del mar 'cause I was so obsessed with the sea."

Liberty chuckled. "That's cute."

Leon smiled upon hearing her laughing. She was the type of person who's beautiful at first sight but once she smiles she's drop dead gorgeous. The way her blue eyes twinkle, that cute sound she makes.

"Is she Spanish?"

Leon swallowed down the lump in his throat. "U-uh, yeah. She was a huge fan of surfing and she always took me with her when I was younger. She's the one who taught me actually."


Leon's eyes flickered to hers for a second and Liberty swore she'd seen a glimpse of his soul, sad soul.

"I-I am so sorry, Leon. Oh my god, I didn't know – I'm truly sorry, I didn't mean to –"

"It's alright, Libby." He pursed his lips in a tight smile, bringing up his dead mother was always a sensitive subject.

Liberty slumped her shoulders, wishing the floor could swallow her up. What was wrong with her today? First Eva and now Leon. Jesus.

"Hey, stop that." He gently slapped her thigh with the back of his hand. "I said it was alright."

Ignoring the tingle that ran up her spine when his skin touched hers, she fiddled with the necklace hanging around her neck. "My parents passed away too. Almost three years ago."

Leon briefly took his eyes away from the road to glance at her. "Looks like we got something in common huh."


The next few minutes were spent in silence. But for some reason, Liberty didn't feel awkward or uneasy. There was something about Leon that made her feel comfortable, at ease. She looked away from the palm trees to face him. He was drumming his fingers against the steering wheel and the reflection of the ring on his forefinger caught her attention. It was like something was engraved in it but she couldn't make out what exactly.

Leon stopped at a red light and saw Liberty eying something on his hand. Following her gaze, he looked at the ring he never took off since he was thirteen.


Liberty blinked before looking up at him. Leon looked at the ring before he focused on her again. When Liberty realized he was talking about the engraving, she cursed herself for not being subtle enough.

"It's my mother's name," he simply explained while holding her gaze. Liberty opened her mouth, trying to say something but nothing came out. She didn't know what to say, what he wanted her to say. Suddenly, Leon turned his head and resumed driving again.

Liberty felt like a jerk. Twice. She brought up the subject of his deceased mother two times in less than five minutes. "I'm so sorry, Leon."

Leon chuckled. "You apologize too much, d'you know that?"

"Shuddup, " she giggled before getting back to her ice cream.

He shot her a smile and winked, hoping that would at least show her he really didn't mind.

Liberty blushed … again. She turned her face away from him and chose to watch the cars passing by. Leon noticed the color on her cheeks and couldn't help but smirk on the outside but whoop on the inside. Making someone like her blush was definitely the highlight of his day.

"Want some music?"

Liberty met his eyes again, hoping the color on her face got back to normal, and nodded with a smile. He happily turned on the radio, Coldplay blasting through the speakers.

Leon felt like an angel was sitting next to him. Her exposed skin shined like gold in the sun and he wondered how soft it would feel if he stroked it. Her long hair flew around her face and he felt tempted to brush it out of her eyes with his hands.

Liberty cursed when a drop of ice-cream fell right on her leg. She bend over to retrieve her bag for some tissues and Leon's knuckles turned white on the steering wheel when she exposed a little too much. Get your dirty mind out of the gutter, Leon!

When Liberty noticed the familiar neighborhood, she knew they were almost at her house. Finishing her ice-cream, she gave him the directions to her house. Leon refrained from whistling as he eyed the three story house.

Liberty grabbed her purse and unbuckled her seatbelt. "So…"

Leon chuckled, thinking she looked cute when she was all shy and at a loss for words. "So…"

She smacked his arm, not missing how firm it felt. "Stop it."

"Stop it."

"Leon!" Liberty laughed. This guy was worse than Aaron.

"Okay, okay, I'll stop." I just really love hearing the sound of you laughing.

"I'm sorry my friend ditched me and practically forced you to give me a ride."

"She should ditch you more often," he chuckled making her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. "So, I guess I'll see you at school?

"Yeah, see you Monday," Liberty smiled, getting out of the car. She waved one last time before he sped away.

Liberty sighed and crossed the street to her house. She punched in the code, waiting for the familiar buzzing sound, signaling her that the gate would open. She gasped when she suddenly felt a strong arm snake around her shoulders from behind, holding her arms to her sides.

She knew this man wasn't her brother, he smelled different and just didn't feel like one of her brothers. Panicking, she did the only thing on her mind and tried to scream but unfortunately the man beat her to the punch as he covered her mouth with a calloused hand.

Liberty struggled to free herself, scratching at his arms and biting his hand, but the man didn't let go. On the contrary, he tightened his hand on her mouth and she let out a cry of pain. She was sure her jaw was going to bruise.

The man nuzzled her hair before he let his lips wander to her ear. "Now you listen to me carefully. You're gonna be a good girl and take me to your brother," he whispered in a low voice and Liberty couldn't help but punch his stomach with her elbow. Taken off guard the man let her go momentarily, cursing. But before Liberty could run away, he got a hold on her hair and pulled her back.

She was about to fight again but stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed the knife in his hand. The man smirked, happy he finally got her still. He let the tip of the knife trace her bare arm, applying pressure but not enough to break the skin. "If you don't do as I say, I swear to god I'll push this knife right into your chest." He could see the young girl's face visibly pale. "Do you understand?" he asked pulling at her hair.

Looking at the man, who seemed to be in his late forties with a buzz cut and too many scars, Liberty whimpered and nodded her head fast. The man smiled wickedly before he put his other hand that didn't hold the knife on the back of her neck. He pushed her forward, silently ordering her to lead him inside.

Liberty was shaking so bad she had to hug herself to stay calm as she slowly made her way to the house. She noticed the twins' car was gone but Adam's was still there, she even spotted Paul's bike. The man pushed her, making her almost fall over the steps but he caught her by her hair and pointed at the little device on the front door.

Adam made sure that the house was highly protected with all kinds of alarm systems. If you didn't have the right combinations, it was almost impossible to get in. Obviously the man knew, hence why he used a resident. When the door opened with a click, he tightened his hand around her neck and pulled Liberty close to him in case she decided to run away.

He quietly closed the door behind him before he looked around in the house, assessing every inch, every corner. Liberty grabbed his hand around the back of her neck. He was squeezing too hard, almost cutting off her windpipe. The man knew she was having a hard time to breath and instead wrapped his hand around her upper arm in a steel grip, making her skin turn white.

He turned his face to the right when he heard some guys laughing and pulled Liberty towards the sound. When they reached the living room, it was clear that the laughing came from the patio. The man stopped at the couch and tucked his knife in the pocket of his jacket. Liberty's eyes widened when she saw him reach in the back of his pants and pull out a black gun.

Without thinking, she forgot about his threat and screamed again. The laughter outside stopped and she could hear heavy footsteps running to the living room.

"You fucking bitch!" The man put back his gun and took his knife again. Moving fast, he grabbed her around the waist and put the knife right at her throat.

Liberty sobbed and felt the tears from fear rolling down her cheeks. She looked up when she saw three men standing right in front of them. Her brother Adam, his best friend Paul and some guy she didn't know. The table and couch were the only things that separated them.

The way Adam's expression changed from worry to absolute rage was incredible. Seeing that asshole holding his sister as a shield with a knife at her throat was making him think about millions of painful ways to kill that guy right this instant. "Let her go, Lance," Adam demanded, his voice strained and his jaw clenched. It took all of him not to right out shoot this motherfucker.

"Nah, I kinda like how her tight little body feels against me," Lance smirked, letting his hand around her waist creep over her hips, his fingertips stroking the bare skin peeking from under her dress.

Adam could see his sister tense, pure panic in her eyes and that guy's filthy hands on her was making him see red. "I said. Let. Her. Fucking. Go."

Liberty could see the vain on her brother's neck pulsing and if he didn't stop tightening his jaw, she was sure he was going to lose his teeth. She knew he was trying to keep calm for her safety. If she wasn't in that guy's reach he wouldn't have hesitated to put a bullet in his head right here and now.

Apparently Lance wasn't affected at all by Adam's fierce order, instead he put his face right next to hers. He made sure to keep eye contact with Adam before he slowly traced his tongue from her chin to her ear in a provoking way.

Liberty was visibly shaking, almost sobbing loudly. She didn't like this – she didn't like the man's hands on her, she didn't like the way his tongue touched her, she didn't like the knife against her neck, she didn't like how her brother looked like he was about to commit a murder, she didn't like any of it. But mostly, she felt scared. Never in her entire life has she ever felt like this before. Not when she was four and was home alone. Not when she was six and almost drowned in the pool. Not when she was eight and the neighbor's pit bull was chasing her. Not when she was ten and got lost in the woods. Not when she was thirteen and heard her parents died.

Seeing that man violate his baby sister right in front of him was the trigger to Adam's actions. With one nod of his head, Paul threw him something and he caught it blindly before pointing it right at Lance. Liberty momentarily forgot how to breathe when she noticed the gun in her brother's hands. Lance smirked against her clammy skin when he heard the unmistaken click sound. The safety switch was off.

Even though Adam looked collected and deadly serious on the outside, there was a ticking bomb on the inside waiting to explode. "You don't let her go now, I'll blow your fucking brains out."

"You don't give me what I want now, I'll slid her neck open," Lance shot back, slightly applying pressure on the knife until her skin broke. Enough to let a trickle of blood flow … enough to make Adam shoot the wall behind them.

Liberty screamed, sobbing loudly. Her nails were digging into the arm around her neck. Lance let his fingers touch his ear. He chuckled when he saw a trace of blood from where the bullet grazed his ear. He looked up at Adam and praised him. "Nice shot."

"Dude, you got a death wish or something?" Paul growled, his own gun pointed at Lance. "Let her go, she has nothing to do with this!"

"Ah, that's where you're wrong, Paul. And you know it all too fucking well." The man shifted his gaze from him back to Adam. "She has everything to do with. Doesn't she, McCoy?" he taunted with a menacing smile.

Adam felt his baby sister's confused eyes on him. He didn't allow himself to focus on her too much, he knew that if he kept looking at her eyes, begging, pleading for him to help her, he'd shoot before asking questions. He didn't want to be reckless and risk hurting his baby sister. No. He needed to focus on the fucker and hurt him.

"What do you want?" Paul suddenly asked. If looks could kill, Lance would've already been buried six feet under.

"I want what Anthony promised me … but never gave me."

Liberty's attention perked up at her deceased father's name. What the hell was going on?

"I already told you, that's between you and him. I don't fucking owe you anything!" Adam exclaimed loudly, his finger dangerously close to the trigger.

"I spent thirteen years in jail for what? Her?" Lance yelled back, his hold tightening on her and Liberty could hear her erratic heart beat rise again. "She wouldn't be here if it weren't for me! You owe me fucking everything!"

Adam's eyes involuntarily slid down to Liberty's and he immediately realized his mistake. He could practically hear the questions she was shooting at him in her head. The way she was looking at him was too much. Adam swiftly licked his bottom lip before he took a step closer to them. "I'm this close to killing you if you don't let her go right now," he warned calmly.

"You're just like your father, Adam," Lance scoffed. "Cold, hard, short tempered. Not scared to murder someone in cold blood. It wouldn't surprise me if there was no emotion behind that tough exterior. No empathy, no care, no love. All you're out for is money, power and blood. And you don't give two shits about how you get it or about the mess you leave behind. And you know what? If you don't change your MO real quick, it's gonna end up pretty bad for you and the rest of your family. It's gonna be the death of all of you… just look at your father. And she deserves to know the truth, Adam. You think you can keep her in the dark forever? You think getting her away, shielding her between these four walls will keep her out of it? What does it take to put it through your fucking skull, huh?! WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU FUCKING REALIZE THAT SHE IS NOT Y-"

A deafening shot was fired and suddenly everything went in slow motion.

Liberty felt the tight hold Lance had on her get weaker. The arm around her waist fell down together with the one around her neck. She looked confused when she saw the knife clatter on the floor. She felt the absence of the body that was pressed against her from behind. Turning around, she got more confused when Lance seemed to have disappeared. That's until she looked down.

Laying on the floor, Lance had his eyes and mouth wide open. There was a substance pooling under his head, the color almost as dark as the black wooden floor. Letting her eyes trail over his face, she stopped when she noticed a small red hole on the man's forehead.

Liberty, still dazed, slowly turned around. And she wished she never did.

Right in front of her was her brother. She couldn't help but stare in his eyes that weren't focused on hers. They looked nothing like the usual green with the golden flecks. If she didn't know any better, she would've thought that these eyes belonged to someone else. They were dark, harsh, cold, … murderous. Liberty slowly let her eyes slide from his eyes to his clenched jaw, the blue vain in his neck, the hem of his t-shirt, his chest. She followed the length of his outstretched arm until she reached his hand holding the gun … and realization hit her hard. Real hard.

Adam killed Lance.

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