A Soul In The Dark.

Hey there, what kind of soul are you?
I thought you shone too bright to be
already done, pins of stars hanging
tenderly on skin battered blue.

I see you press a kiss between pages,
count to two, step over flowers
and break fences, grow up too soon,
a scene and a moment lost in a blur.

You want to know? Ah, well, I grew to
be blank instead of painted in colors,
didn't get the wings we all wish for,
funny I still fell farther than you.

Call of mistakes, lost with a bedtime
that never stuck, I can never ask the
calm to stay, the darkness of midnight
meant freedom back then.

Move on, pity is a sickening sweetness
hard to swallow, but we don't let
go, it hurts to be held like a broken

Say, I got hurt again, but what
makes it okay? Used to the same
scene, moves tired of existing,
a breathless reality.

Again, I disappeared again, yet I
accept this part of me because it gives
sustenance to a character too afraid
to play, too tired to stay awake.

You know, I always see it coming, I
always think the same thing: stop
pretending, there are shadows under your
eyes, a ghost of a you that never was.

Pale spiders write in the night and I die,
softly, I pray to feel something come the
morning but I'm afraid of the day ending,
insomnia crawls by my side.

Say again? I'm sorry, I didn't hear
you over the past that shattered,
my brain is scattered, I suppose it
meant nothing, too grey to capture.

There are flashes of something, I'm
thinking, it stays on my fingertips, soft
on the tip of my tongue, electric in my
brain - an unfinished thought or feeling.

We suit the city we were born in, there
are only two seasons to our weather,
summer and winter, opposites both part of
a place that begs to be forgotten.

We engrave it on our palms: calm down,
it's easy, play the part, move along, there's
not much to this life, I've always said we
were born cynics with a stolen will to fight.

Yes, we are criminals in our own right,
I stole the skin I'm living in, I walk
in shoes that don't fit me, I wear a fragile
layer of love that's always been resented.

Ah, such pity, we could've been a
picture, one not shameful enough to
hide, but we are this, a muted background
within the colorful shapes of other lives.

Don't mind me, I wanted to exist before I died,
I wanted to be covered in stardust instead
of lies, but it's useless, we learn how to starve,
how to lose one too many souls in the dark.

Again I ask, what kind of soul are you?
I feel you haven't been dreaming, so please
stay a while, I won't let you get lost -
I can see you, the drum of your heartbeat so bright.