Wayne was up on a Friday rainy morning. It had been raining for about a few hours now. He looked at the clock: 6:52 AM. Of course it's early, but Wayne never had been a morning person. He tried going back to sleep, but he had not gotten very far on that one, so all he did was get out of bed and start his day. He'd been a pastor at the John Baptist Church in New York for a few years, and the people there seem to like him, which is a good thing.

Wayne opened his closet doors and saw it was time to do some laundry since he was running low. He'd do that after eating breakfast and some coffee to go along with it. He yawned again as he headed off to the bathroom. Right now seemed like to be a good time to get cleaned up, so that's exactly what.

He'd planned on starting his day by reading the Bible. This week he wouldn't be preaching since somebody else would be doing it, but he would be at the church anyway. When he'd finished blow – drying his hair, the clock now read 7:34 AM. He had another busy and good week, so it was no wonder he was having this Sunday off.

Once Wayne finished blow – drying his hair, he grabbed his Bible. He mostly kept his Bibles in his bedroom in a stack on the table by the radio. Today he was going to read the King James Version. Before eating breakfast, he made some coffee and poured himself a bowl of Rice Chex. Before he started eating, he began to pray.

"Father, Thank You for giving me this day. Every day You have given me is a blessing, no matter how good or bad the day would bring. I will miss preaching to the church this Sunday. I am thankful to have You in my life. You have been good to me ever since I started giving my faith come back. I love You with all of my heart. I hope the other people You have created in today's world are thankful You have given them a good life.

"You are very powerful and good Friend to each and everyone of us, even if we think that is negative or positive. I shall look forward to what today You are planning to give me. I am blessed to live here in New York. I have no idea what made You think of deciding where You wanted me to live my life.

"I love You with all of my heart. The rain we have today in New York is good. We really do need the rain You have given us today here in New York. I also want You to continue looking after everyone of us around the world You have created for us. Also please continue to help those who are having issues with their health and whatever else they have. In Your Blessed Name, Amen."

When Wayne finished praying, he finally began eating his breakfast. From what he just said in this morning's prayer is true. He really meant every word of it. He finished eating a few minutes later. He drank more of his coffee. He poured himself another glass. When he put his dishes in the dishwasher, he picked up his Bible that he left on the kitchen table.

He decided to continue reading Romans, which was one of his favorite books in the entire Bible. He'd picked the Apostle Paul and Peter as his favorite characters along with Peter Jesus Christ. Maybe that could be something to ask the church the next time he is able to preach. First and second Peter were also another favorite in the Bible.

Once again, Wayne prayed before turning over to Romans.

"Father, I would like to Thank You for directing me to the book of Romans this morning. I have said this several times, and I will say it again. I am happy to have You in my life. You have a special place in my heart, as You do with me since I am one of Your children. I happened to think other religious people think the same thing I do, no matter what religion they are a part of. I have bleed You with all of my life. In Your Blessed Name, Amen."

When Wayne finished his prayer, he felt God's presence heading his way. Now Wayne spoke again.

"God, do You want to tell me which direction I should be heading when I am able to leave New York?"

"Yes, I will tell you, Wayne. After I tell you, I will lead the Way like you have just said. I am happy to see that you are still interested in where I want to have you do in your new ministry.

"Yes, I already have picked out the person who will be taking your place. That new person doesn't yet know that they would be headed to New York. I will lead that person to New York sometime early December."

"Am I going to know who that person tell over my place at John Baptist or do You not plan to tell me?"

Wayne still hadn't yet understood where this prayer conversation was headed, but he will find out sooner or later.

"Yes, this new ministry I am leading you to is different what you have now. I am sending you out to Denver, Colorado at a Baptist church. I also am keeping your Baptist beliefs like you have mentioned. The name of My House there is First John Baptist. They are a big congregation, and I'm happy to see several people are helping it grow."

"When do You want me to live during my new life there? I need to know."

"You will be living in a small apartment. I have planned for you to be at all of the services at First John Baptist. That way you will get to have the chance to meet new people who would like to be your friend in your time in Denver."

"What is my job at that church, Father?" Wayne asked.

"You will be on the worship team. One of them has died to know me more in My House in Heaven. This is why I called you to leave John Baptist."

Now Wayne was getting the picture where this prayer conversation was headed. He still wasn't sure if he understood some of this prayer conversation about this whole new life in Colorado. Yes, he knew there is a time difference between Colorado and New York. He'd need some time to get used to the time change.

"Why do You want me to live in a small apartment for, God? I still don't understand."

He was telling God the truth. He is living in a house here in New York and is comfortable with it.

"That is what I wanted, Wayne. Of course you will have to pay rent and bills like lots of people do. I just want you to do something different."

"Is it the money that You wanted me to live on rent?"

Wayne wasn't still understanding much of his conversation with the Lord until he is fully understand.

"I want you to rent and pay your bills and rent money to think that you are tithing to Me rather than just Sundays."

Wayne was starting to see more of the conversation with the Lord. He's still confused in some areas of the today's prayer conversation, but he is having some more progress where this is going.

"I will talk with you more about this. I have to leave since some people to will talk more later."

That's when the conversation ended.

Now he headed to Romans and began to read. He had meant every word in his prayers he had just shared.