-Chapter 1-

"I'm sorry, please restate your name"

"Sara Stegalopus and my friends name is Eric Egglebert."


"That will be twenty drunts"

The woman across the counter was still suspicious as I slid the money across to her. It was probably my clothes, a long, dark coat, with extra long sleeves and riddled with pockets. A white, button-down shirt with a red tie tucked into black slacks, which were rolled up to the knee to reveal sturdy black boots. And to top it all off, I had a black top hat, with a red ribbon 'round, tucked under my arm, and a brown and white rabbit on my shoulder, what self-respecting magician wouldn't wear boots, a hat and a rabbit. But it might be the names, or my young age. I discovered my room at the top of the stairs to the right. As I surveyed its contents, Elliot began taking on my shoulder.

"Yes I do realize there's one bed, you'll just have to keep my feet warm."

A series of protesting taps followed but I ignored them. Setting my stuff down, I sat on the bed and Elliot hopped off my shoulder. I held out my hands, steady, good. I turned them palms up and clenched them three times, a deck of cards appeared. I shuffled them, them spread them like a fan. Turning to Elliot, I held them out.

"Choose one."

One night, that's our policy. We aren't the travelers who stick around to see the sights, we have a purpose. Elliot and I hopped onto a passing wagon and began to head off from the suspicious woman and her inn. While we rode I made a fist with my left hand and shook it a couple of times. When my hand opened coins fell onto my lap. Taps came from my shoulder.

"Pickpocketing is a wonderful skill and not to be looked down upon by those dependent on others."

I surveyed the city coming into view. It was magnificent, bustling and full of life, but its proudest feature was the glistening castle in its direct center, that stretched out a books hand into the sky. We had reached our destination, and I could smell the magic oozing off of it,this would be the perfect place to break the spell.

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