Some days I wish I was Juliet

~so very young

~so blissfully naïve

~so deep in lust and infatuation that I convinced myself that it was LOVE


O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou MY Romeo?

[my subconscious sneers and laughs and brazenly reminds me that the lovely Capulet daughter

is - was - is STUPID]

and thus the desire quickly dies much like the star-crossed lovers

Some days I imagine myself as Cinderella

~so hopeful

~so kind

~so fortunate to go from peasant to princess by simply being beautiful

{long live the queen}

But I can't stay up till midnight...I have work in the morning

[damn my common sense for interrupting such a glorious DAYDREAM with a prince of charms]

Prince Charming. ha. What kind of man marries a maiden based on foot size?

and thus the desire is squashed under glass heels

Some days I pray I stop thinking too much

Some days I want to be like FIRE

like a star*

Passionate wild free

I am no simple maiden doomed to tragedy

I am not a spineless porcelain doll awaiting a miracle

I am a girl on the cusp of womanhood



But with a mind sharper than any blade

{I suppose not so average then}

I have no prince

I have no Montague

I only have me

Some days I don't want to be me

Because fantasy is oh so much better than reality