There was once a sad lily fairy. She was sad because every lily fairy has to perform a good deed in their life to become immortal. She had done nothing yet. All her sisters had beat her to the deeds. They had all gone away, leaving her alone in the lonely lily pond where no one ever came.

Kyli sat on her lily pad feeling sad and lonely as the sun set. Alone. Alone Empty pond. One mortal fairy destined to die if no good deed was done in seven more rising suns.

An ugly toad came up from the mud.

"Why are you looking sad, lovely fairy?"He croaked.

"I shall die soon, that is why," Kyli replied sadly, "I have not yet done my deed."

"You could go away from here and look for a deed," Croaked the toad, "Who said you have to stay here?"

Kyli brightened, "No one! Thank you, toad! I will leave right now!"

Kyli stood up and spread her wings. She lifted into the air and flew away.

Back on the lily pad, the toad smiled to himself and sank back down into the mud.

Kyli flew over the long, winding river looking for a good deed to perform.

No one was in sight but smoke rising from the wood.

She flew down to investigate and found an ugly, twisted cottage right in the middle of a dirty, smelly swamp. she flew closer.

She peeked in the window and saw an ugly old crone with mangled wings sitting by a green fire. She gasped as she recognized the crone as one of her sisters! What had happened to her?

She flew in the window to ask.

The crone turned to her.

"Leave!" She cried, "Leave! The toad, the magician will come and change you otherwise! he has tricked us into leaving the pond and now we are his slaves! Run! You are the last one!"

Kyli fled, catching a glimpse of the ugly old toad as she flew.

Out of breath, she rested in an old hollow 30 minutes later. She had to free her sisters from the horrible enchantment. That was what she would do. Now how would she do it?

Almost as if to answer her question, an old caterpillar crawled up to her side.

"You must put a silver bead in the magician's mouth to kill him," He said, "Then your sisters will be free."

Kyli knew an old magpie who had lots of silver beads. She thanked the caterpillar for his advice, upped and flew away.

She reached the old magpie's tree and knocked on her door.

Mag, the magpie, answered."Hello, Kyli, Come right in!"

Kyli told her about the evil magician over a cup of berry berry tea.

"I have just the thing for you, my dear!" Said Mag, patting her on the back with a black wing, "I have a special silver bead that is just right for the task!"

She showed Kyli a round silver bead, "take it, love, and bring me back the old magician's staff as payment. I could use one of those, you know."

Kyli thanked her and flew out of the house. She hurried toward the lily pond and when she got there she sat down on a lily pad and began to cry.

The old ugly toad came up and looked at her.

"Why do you weep, lovely fairy?" He croaked.

And quick as a wink, Kyli popped the silver bead into his mouth, "Now you die, old wizard!"

The old toad groaned and moaned and sank beneath the waves.

Kyli waited for the feeling of immortality to fill her. It came instantly. She smiled.

Not but a minute later, the head of a handsome young prince appeared above the water.

"Y-You should be dead," Kyli stammered.

"Oh, but i am not the magician," said the prince, climbing up onto the lily pad besides her, "I am a prince enchanted by the old magician and only a sad and lonely fairy who pooped a silver bead in my mouth could change me back. Shall i help you kill the old magician? I've a silver bead right here."

"Oohh, yes," agreed Kyli, "We can go right away!"

The two of them upped and flew away.

They came to the old, twisted, ugly cottage and entered.

"Go away!" cried the crone, "The magician will come and change you! Run away!"

The magician entered and raised his arms, "Ha! Now i have you, little fairy! I will change you too into an old crone. . . . . .along with your little prince!"

"Oh no you will not!" Kyli cried and threw the silver bead into his open mouth.

The magician fell dead to the floor in an instant.

Kyli picked up his staff. She had promised to give it to Mag in return for the bead and she would go do that right away.

The old crone turned back into her beautiful fairy self along with the old caterpillar and an old butterfly, a lame deer and a large assortment of other ugly old animals.

They all hugged and kissed her, happy to be back in their fairy forms.

Kyli flew to Mag's house and knocked on the door.

A beautiful fairy queen opened to door. She had Mag's eyes and her voice, "Come in, Kyli dear. I see you have brought me the old wizards staff."

Kyli gasped, "You were enchanted to?!"

"By my own brother, yes," Replied the queen, "Now come in, do. You have already met my son, i believe?"

"Yes," replied Kyli, "Are you the fairy queen that vanished all those years ago?"

"The one and only."

Kyli had another cup of berry berry tea while the queen explained to her that she was a fairy hero and, if she wished, she could marry her son.

The prince, who had been listening outside the door, rushed in and agreed profusely.

Kyli smiled and accepted. She had fallen in love already.

And so they were married not but two days later, on the lily pond, the queen on her throne, Kyli and Princling dancing on a moving lily pad to the music of the frog musicians.

The sun set. The moon rose. The stars came out. And Kyli and Princling danced on.