Silly child, there's no such thing as monsters!

No boogeyman nor ghost, nothing will haunt us

Look in the closet and under your bed

See, look, it's all in your head!

Hush, child, you must go to sleep

There are people with no homes just as we speak

No more of that, you'll be better by tomorrow

Don't tell me that, you do not know true sorrow!

Up, child, quick, you'll be late!

Look at your teacher, brimming with hate.

Now study hard, don't dare you complain

The most powerful thing is indeed your brain!

Quiet, child, why are you crying?

You can't have those problems, people are dying!

It's all in your head, you have to get over it

This lazy behaviour, I don't like it, not one bit!

Silly child, it's all in your head.

Why are you scared? Just sleep in your bed.

You have school in the morning, who cares if it rains?

Everyone knows the greatest thing is your brain.