Am I Even Myself?

I feel I see more than the average person,
That my reach extends further.
I breathe in worlds of thoughts and emotion,
My attachment to the Earth's heartbeat.

I am constantly in third person,
Looking at the world from above.

I can see minds; I know them,
I hate people void of hate,
I love people void of love,
I am disconnected.

I wish I didn't understand people.
That I was 'normal' or 'shallow.'
But then I wouldn't be me.

I try to walk, but I cannot touch the ground.
The clouds,
My friends!
I cannot stay,
This is not my fate.

That dream is tempting,
But I must admit,
I wish I could be human,
And not live in this illusion, this nightmare,
Where I'm looking through someone else's eyes
At a world that is not my own.

I am alone,
With these thoughts,
With this feeling I cannot escape,
But I believe the torture of confusion will end.

The restrictions of this body,
Will catch up to the insight of the mind,
But in the meantime,
I cannot decide.

How do you break through the barrier that is reality?
Or choose to bind yourself to the Earth?
Am I doomed to this fate?
Is there no escape from the in-between?