Every time we would go to the market, holding my mother's hand, I would see her, since I was a child and we didn't talk. She never smiled, she was always serious, she was smart and courageous like no one else. Even though we didn't talk, I would look at her and in thoughts I was telepathically telling her all I wanted to tell her, only in a matter of seconds. Only if my mother would've let me…

In my teenage years, mother couldn't control me. I would tell her I was going out and that was enough. I was going to her, under the green trees and we played chess and practiced fencing together, she would win nearly every time, though I didn't mind, this was only showing me I had to train harder and it made me respect her even more. Also in my teenage years I discovered I fell in love with her, I didn't have the courage to tell her. We would talk hours to no end, until midnight, I would sing to her, I was singing to her war songs that I learned from my grandfather. She loved them a lot! I liked them too, but I liked her more. We had the same passion, history, I would tell her everything we were thought in school at this subject, plus what I was reading outside of school.

For me she was beautiful, even when she was frowning. She was gracious when using a sword, very concentrated when playing chess and very understanding when I was telling her something, sadly we were just friends and that's how we were going to remain. She was telling me stories too, about the rain's melody and the whispers of trees, that were shielding us from the sun rays in the summer.

When I became a student, we weren't seeing each other so often. We lived in different towns and even though, I was making efforts to see her every weekend. I was missing her, even then I was still loving her.

And I still love her, now, at this old age, but it's a shame I never told her what I was feeling… after all…Now she's only a statue, empty on the inside…and without a soul and with all of this, she still has the same look in her eyes.