WHAT CRASH IS ABOUT The movie Crash is a 2004 ensemble drama film co-written, produced, and directed by Paul Haggis, and the movie takes place in Los Angeles, California. The movie follows different people from different races and classes. We see discrimination against the African Americans and other races in the movie. Throughout the movie, race, class, power, and empathy are important because they teach us what it's like to be different. When you think about the movie Crash, it is very important to think and to know about race, class, power, and empathy so that we know how to treat other people more fairly.

Race is an important topic to talk about because people need to learn about race before they judge others because of the way that they are as a different race. In the movie Crash, we see an African American man named Anthony being discriminated against by the police whose names are Officer Ryan and Officer Hansen because he was Black and they were White. Jean is prejudiced against Daniel, who is a Latino locksmith, while he is fixing the lock on the door in her house. When the police pull over Cameron and Christine Thayer while the couple are on their way home from an awards show, Officer Ryan puts his hands on her and he starts molesting her in front of her husband. During my school and work years, I went to school and I worked with White people and Black people and I had no problems with them at school or at work.

I was offended that Anthony was being discriminated against by the police because he was black and they were white, because I feel that discrimination should not be allowed and it should be against the law. I didn't like how Jean was being prejudice against Daniel who is Latino because she thinks that he is only fixing the doors in her house so that he can break into her home anytime. I was in shock when Officer Ryan was molesting Christine just because he was white and she was an African American. Nobody should be racist to one another just because they have different color skin.

Class is an important topic for people to talk about because people need to learn about different classes before they judge others before they get to know them for who they are. Rick and Jean are wealthy and they are an upper class who live in the city in a beautiful home. Daniel is low class because he lives in a Spanish community and he is poor because his living conditions are not very good. Detective Graham Waters is a well-educated man who is a Los Angeles detective that works within a white community and he is middle class. In high school, I went to school with kids that were high class and middle class but I didn't have anyone from low class in my school.

While I was watching Crash twice, I learned something new about class. Upper class is a high standard, quality, or social class and Jean and Rick are high class because they are wealthy, they live in a beautiful home, they have a housekeeper named Maria, and Rick is a District Attorney of Los Angeles. Lower class is of a lower or inferior standard, quality, or social class and Daniel is low class because he has poor living conditions and he barley has enough money to support his family which is his wife and their 5 year old daughter. Middle class isn't high class but it isn't low class either due to the fact Water is middle class because he is has a very good education even though he didn't go to a school for rich kids or for poor kids and he went to college to become a detective and he is a detective who works in a white community. It is very important that you know what race, class, power, and empathy are while watching Crash.

Power is an important topic to talk about because people need to learn about power before judging people for their power. Christine was molested late at night by Officer Ryan while her husband watched but did not say a word because he was in complete shock that his wife was being molested by Officer Ryan while he was putting his hands on her during the search because she was drinking at the awards show before. The owner of a Persian shop named Farhad was showing his power to Daniel, demanding that he change the door when he can only change the lock. Officer Ryan has power over another officer named Tom Hansen and he told him to wait until he had a few years over him before he can judge his work experience. I feel that you shouldn't judge a person with a tattoo, you shouldn't think that a person is in a gang without some types of evidence. All of my life, people have had power over me because of my learning difficulties since they believed that I have no say in anything about myself and that decisions should be made for me since they think I'm not capable of making my own decisions.

I learned something new about power from watching Crash. I didn't think that Officer Ryan was going to molest Christine but he molested her while he was searching her since she has been drinking before coming home from an awards show with her husband. I didn't like the Farhad, the Persian shop owner because he was being aggressive, demanding, and arrogant while he tried to buy a gun and when Daniel told him that he should call someone to fix the door when he was only able to change the lock. I had a feeling that Officer Tom Hansen didn't like Officer Ryan because he was offended by the fact that they were harassing Christine and Cameron and he felt bad about it while talking to Ryan. I feel that people shouldn't have the power to control you in a mean way because it can make you lose confidence and it can be hard to trust other people.

Empathy is an important topic to talk about because you should feel for the person that has a hard life, not for the person who does bad things and hurts people. Water's mother has a severe alcohol abuse problem that needs to be addressed by professional people, such as an alcoholic anonymous group to get help for herself mentally. Christine's experience of being molested was very upsetting to know that Officer Ryan did this to her in front of her husband, Cameron who just stood there while he watched her being violated. The immigrants came to American to have a better life and they were taken to L.A. and they were dropped off in a big city with no jobs, no understanding of the English language and they looked lost as if they didn't know what to do since they have never been in America before. If I was in the immigrants' shoes, I would feel scared because I wouldn't know where to go for shelter, food, or clothing, where to groom, where to sleep, what to do if someone does something bad to me, or having a drug and alcohol problem. When I first started 6th grade, my family and I stayed at a hotel for a month before our house was ready so we had to buy food at restaurants every day, my mom had to drop me off and pick me up from school every day, and she had to figure out breakfast and lunch for me Monday-Friday.

I learned something new about empathy that I've never learned before. I felt sad because Water's mother is very sick due to her drug and alcohol abuse problems and that he had to buy new groceries for his mother as she slept on the couch. I was in shock when Christine was molested because nobody deserves to be molested by anyone because the victim can have depression and they'll have a hard time in a relationship. I feel that the immigrants will be happy if they learned English and learned about America. I feel that we can learn something about empathy.

In conclusion, Crash, is the type of movie that will teach you about race, class, power and empathy besides the other History and English movies. I think that you should watch Crash because you will learn something new from the movie. When watching this movie, you will see what it's like to be different from everybody. Crash is a film that will help you understand more about race, class, power, and empathy. It is about racial and social tensions in Los Angeles, California.