Meet me to find us

Italic is a women's voice

Underline is a man's voice

Meet me on the field

where we were once free


I crawled and cried,

Suffered and lied

Where I watched

People fall

Giving up their only life

To stand by your side

They shouted and cheered

screaming your name

With shouts of victory you

Relished in the praise

Meet me on the field

Where we fought

For the freedom

We left behind

Because of those ties


Our entangling lies

They still don't see the darkness inside

You captured their hearts

Their minds

Holding their lives in your bloody fist

They follow each command you insist

You rule their lives with an iron grip

With a flick of your wrist

Kingdoms cease to exist


We fought

Lives were lost

Our values our blood

Left a river roaring behind us

Driving me


To see what our victories bring

Don't you remember

what it use to be


Swinging by the sea

Hands entwined


Swore vows of

Endless love and depth

Where we swore to the freedom of our people

Ere we fail our test

Ere we are laid to rest

Can't you see I follow that vow with

unyielding breath


you hold back

unable to see but

a swarm of death

Do your lies ever end?

Can't you see our hands they

Bleed red with the

Blood of our enemies and friends


In what do I lie?

not to the men or

our friends!

Promises of glory,

I don't give away.

Like a piece a bread you

might throw a stray.

When there is only death

You steal their youthful breath

But still

I raise my red stained blade

charging by your side


I'm there don't you lie.

I'm circling by your side

Cutting down enemies

Day by night

Through the years

Still, I stand by your side


Here we die


Meet me

On the field

Where we lay


Side by side

Hands entwined

Staring into the sky

When did the night get so cold?

Did we throw ourselves to the wolves?

Who ate our soul

How else are we so empty?

So helpless worn

Thrown into the darkest storm

Meet me

On the field where

A battle must be fought

Or all might be lost!


Meet me on the field

So we can say

Our goodbyes

Meet me on our field

For the finale fight

Between my love


The dark bite of your light

Like the rules of old

Only one to live

one to die

I hope we can overcome the

Lies before they shatter

In Front of both our bleeding eyes

Open as withering worms

Burning in the flaming sky

For all to see

As we shout our battle cries