In the Zachary Empire we Zachary's come in many forms. Though four forms are the most common. First is the human Zachary's with different culture and backgrounds. In fact in Zachthology human Zachary's were the first creation of the original Zachary. Well rounded diplomats and soldiers. They're also the most numerous clones being "birthed" by the original Zachary in the hundreds per dream. Most common surnames are based on their occupation they may also pay for a unique last name though this a thousand Zackollars.

Next come the Zackighland Zackows. Carefree Zachary that resemble the highland cow. Don't mistake their carefree nature for weakness. A good charge can fell even the most heavily armored foe. Due to their size and durability most work as porters and traders. Surnames are usually grass eater, moo, and beef.

Next is the small and cuddly Zackoala. Hailing from an uncharted lands. More and more keep coming. They work as messengers, couriers, and spies. As many Zachary's can't help but say how cute at their small furry cousins. They use this as an advantage. Giving nicknames such as the adorable, cute, and innocent.

Finally come the Zacklun Zackheep. They resemble the clun sheep of Shropshire. They have the edge as the Zackheep are gifted healers and mages. Along with being decent diplomats like the human Zachary's. Common surnames are baa and meh

These four races often live, work, fight and if necessary die. Shoulder to shoulder with one another. As they have since the original Zachary made the world of Zachland at the age of five.

Thanks for reading :D no Zachary's were harmed in the making of this story.