The Challenge.

My friend and I were challenged to come up with a poem based on a line plucked from the film Rare Exports.
The line chosen was This level of sawdust is 65 feet thick.
Here are the results.

This is mine.

This level of sawdust is 65 feet thick.
Now believe me I'm not taking the mic
when I say I shall make use of it all,
despite it reaching five levels tall.

Mix it with manure to help plants grow
or with white paint to make fake snow.
Spread it to clean your garage floor.
Ideas for sawdust? There's plenty more.

So do what you like, but as for me,
I'll build a marvellous rodent sanctuary.
Capybara, mice and voles can roam,
with the chinchilla, in their new home.

This is His Imperial Highness's

I lived inside a giant,
No arms or legs had she,
Though she still did glide with grace
Holding hopes, fear and me.

Her hair billowed in the sun
and eyes shone under the moon.
Her voice sang through the mist
and furious words spelled DOOM!

One day she fell asleep,
No more grace, bright eyes or song,
Leaning in silent, crippled pride
Perched on by the feathered throng.

Though as she slept I lay awake,
Thinking on the times we had.
I sought her creaking, groaning heart,
As mine grew heavy and sad.

I dove deep into her ribs and
Up to where her hair did billow.
Only stillness did I find,
Though I listened, steady and slow.

Time flowed incessant,
Though the search went on, as it must.
Until one day this silent giant became
No more than sixty-five feet of sawdust.

Freed from the cracked shell, she will
glide again, a parting gift from me.
I will miss her very much,
Though she'll be happier on the celestial sea.

I love just how different the two are.