Nobody messes with the wall.

The penny drops
to the pit of my stomach
the wall goes up
to hide away the 'bad.'


How are you?
Fine, the sweetened words
drip from my lips.
My eyes say otherwise...

NOBODY messes with the wall!

Who are you?
Normal, just like you.
Nothing to see here.
Except, they do...

Nobody messes with the wall!

Are you sure?
Yes, of course,
I'm just as I should be.
But I know, that isn't true...

Nobody... messes with... the wall?

With shrivelled heart and
censored words,
I wonder
how much longer?

Nobody messes with...

Conviction, despair.
Just a few words
is all it took.
The wall came down...

I'm free.

by His Imperial Highness Lord Eddie.

Don't mess with the wall,
I fear it would fall
and come tumbling down on you.
Just think of the trouble
being trapped in that rubble,
the stress it would put me though.

Leave that frog, ucha fi.
So disgusting! So dirty!
The germs will surely kill you off!
They'll crawl all inside.
Make a home of your hide.
You'll be lucky to leave with a cough.

What's that? Bubblegum?
Now don't be so dumb.
What am I to do should you choke?
And apple seeds are said
to grow out your head
and you'll have to live with tree folk.

So you'll listen to me,
your dear, old aunty
and take heed of my words of wisdom.
Just sit over there,
sit still on that chair,
while we peacefully wait for your Mum.

My third attempt since I lost the first two half way in the making.