Kiowa Sinafey drew his blades, the hilts of his swords fitting into his gloved hands. His red eyes shone at the thought of spilling snad blood. Clothed in black, the billowing cloak swirling around him he jogged into the Eru Daiaka, a wild hunt held in the honor of Zvith, the drow Viper Queen. The tunnels of the underworld would flow with blood as each snad was hunted down and killed.

In the end, the team who killed the most snad, unfortunate drow summoned to Zvith for pleasure and returned to their Houses twisted into monsters crossed between elf and snake, would win Zvith's favor and walk away with bestowed power upon the Matron of the House; power she could use to defeat her enemies and rise in the ranks of the Houses.

Kiowa Sinafey and his team of five brothers had won the Eru Daiaka for the past ten years running. In the same time House Sinafey went from position ten to position five.

"Let us drink in blood, and rahn Zvith," Nalfein Sinafey said, the steel of his sword and scimitar gleaming in the darkness. He looked over at his twin, Nalfey, and his yellow eyes glistened.

Kiowa paced the strides of his jog, his boots slamming into the dirt as he marched forth. The tunnels of the underworld were deadly and uncertain dangers lurked in the shadows. But in the same shadows cowered snad, meat to be butchered. And Kiowa Sinafey enjoyed killing.

Afagi and Sou'Tern Sinafey's robes marked them as wielders of spell fire and speakers of magic. They walked with Dead'Ra ahead of them, ears alert for the slightest sound. The six approached the end of the rugged rock tunnel and slowed.

Kiowa cocked his head to one side and grinned. "Poor fools stand around this corner, ready to fling us to the depths of inferno. Let us give them the deaths they deserve. Afagi, Sou'Tern, take the honors."

The wizards hurled themselves around the corner; their faces contorted with pleasure as they cast their hands forth and bathed the tunnel ahead with howling fire and heat. The cone of flame lit up the smooth walls and blew back their robes as the shrieks of the drow caught within the death trap screamed until death.

The tunnel purified, the mages stepped back and nudged the cracked, smoldering bones with their feet. Afagi said, and his eyes smiled at the thought of death, "Zvith take them and show no mercy. Fools do not deserve to live."

"Snad!" Kiowa cried, hearing the telltale hissing, and charged down the tunnel. He was first to clear a path to the fray, cutting through the drow standing in his way. He cleaved off arms and fingers and left the half-dead victims to fall to those behind him.

In the round cavern, six dozen or so snad huddled against the far walls, driven into the trap by the drow as they closed in on all sides. Two Elite teams from Houses Silhai'Vi and Jenaka battled among each other for the right to slay the snad. Dead drow lay on the floor, blood spilling from their lips and guts heaped upon the floor.

Kiowa shoved and shouldered, gutting and stabbed like a spear through the battle, emerging with his tunic torn and blood leaking from cuts to stand before the snad. His brothers clustered behind him, dripping red blood from their naked blades. The cavern lay cleared off the living, save for two whimpering drow on the floor.

Afagi glanced over his shoulder at the two without pity. Smoke curled above them and flesh melted under the force of the black acid eating through them. "Hahfishak, you diensted smelches. We do not want to hear you die."

Dead'Ra hefted his saber. The snad slithered before him, forked tongues flickering forth from between their lips. Their faces held the shape and angular curves of dark elf faces, and their dark skin covered arms and a torso but from waist down a long snake tail, thick and whip like, supported them, coils of the glistening length behind them on the floor.

"A Zvithrahned abomination," Kiowa remarked, and led the way into the slaughter. These beings had one been drow, some of them even from his own House, but he cared not. His swords cut deep through scales and sliced flesh, soaking his sleeves and front with black blood.

The twins severed strangled cries and ended pleas of mercy falling from tongues so forked the words were impossible to make out. In the end, raging fire seared from the floor all bodies and dried away all blood as the wizards hurled forth their spellfire and left bleached bones in a grisly heap, glowing in the darkness.

Kiowa sneered down at the bones, his lips curling back as he wiped away blood from his face and spat down on the ground. "Burn in inferno."

"Another nest awaits us in the tunnels, Kiowa," Nalfein said. "Let us not waste time."

As the six drow marched from the cavern, dark figures with clothes bloodstained, and hair peppered with red, Kiowa said, "There is time enough for this."

He looked down at the face of an enemy drow lying upon the floor and smashed his face in with the heel of his boot, leaving the skull crushed to the floor. Rats and spiders crept from the ledges to feast as the Sinafeys strode away to complete their hunt and take the prize for the victory of Eru Daiaka.