I enjoy this sort of thing for some reason. Personally I wish that the mark of Garuga was expanded upon in the game.

A mark of divine origin. The members of the exalted family all proudly displayed theirs. A mark setting them as those who would save the people, should the titan hydra dragon return.

Rubio looked down at his gloved hands, and rubbed where his mark, the mark of the fell dragon lay. With Kendora's description full of betrayal, loss, and destruction, Marco's mind pieced together what the future held.

A future without his friends, without the world, without Sokara, a future full of nothing but death. A future brought about by his own hand

The tactician paced his tent all night searching for some answer, and it all came to one answer.

No one has to die. Not this time.

Only one death, a life he couldn't even remember surely was no great loss if it saved the lives of his friends and loved ones?

Surely that is the answer.

Am I fit to stand with Sokara and the others?


As the war raged on Rubio could feel it.

Pure bloodlust. The desire to lead all those, even his dear friends, to a horrible death.

After the battle, while the other troops rejoiced over another victory, Marco quickly returned to his tent. He washed the ichor off his clothes, and removed his gloves to clean his hands. That accursed mark seemed to be laughing at his internal dilemma over the darkness present in his mind.

He scrubbed his hands until they were raw that day.

When Lunaria came in and said "You are my father's murderer."

It came as no surprise.

The princess stated that he had to die.

Rubio only wondered why it had not come sooner.

He did not fight as the princess raised her sword, but instead asked that she protect Sokara. Marco only opened his eyes in surprise at the clang of swords.

Sokara had stopped the blade.

Why. Why save my soul?

Sokara chastised his daughter and then turned to admonish Rubio for not valuing his own life.

How can life be of value when you are afraid of living?

The dragon had been reborn.

Rubio had not slept, ate, or stopped working.

He knew, he felt everything that Garuga did.

This was his fate. Forever bound to a destiny of evil.

The soldiers, and even Sokara were visibly worried. Eleanore and the Shepherd children from the future all glanced at the dracoknight every few moments, eyes full of worry and wide with fear.

Marco rubbed at the mark on his hand, Lady Solaris had given him a way out. A way to prevent this dark future from ever plaguing the lands again.

A way to make a life of value.

They've somehow done it. One final blow and the titan hydra god will no longer disturb the land. Sokara gets up to strike with Ragnarok, only to be pushed back by a blast of magic.

Rubio rushes forward to finish the task.

It's done. The war is over, the land is safe from such destruction.

The tactician begins to fade with Garuga.

Sokara and the rest look on.

Horrified, they cry for Marco's call out.

He simply turns and smiles, tears falling faster than rain, and manages to farewell with sobs ringing with every other word.

"I'm- sorry, I'-m so sorry, For-give me. This was the only way."

The world was safe. All thanks to the loss of a life well lived.

Welp, that was just a small summary of the book in Rubio's POV. I never trust Avatars... especially Marco.