Today was an excellent day to take my dog out for a walk. Believe me, the number of days when I can enjoy the sun in this month can be counted in one hand. Well, maybe that was an exaggeration but still. As I stepped out of the front door, I saw my neighbor Jack Dillon walking towards me.

- Morning Thomas. I hope you had a good night's sleep! He said.

- Yeah, I guess I did. How's Erica by the way? I hope she recovered from that nasty flu? I replied back.

- She should be ok by now. Tough girl I must say. Should be a couple of days before she's fit enough for school again.

- That's what I hope too. I hope your day goes well too.

We then parted ways as I continued my walk. I watched as new homes were being constructed. Believe it or not, my hometown used to be a very tiny hamlet, located in the middle of practically nowhere. We maybe saw 2 or 3 travelers per year but that was basically it. And the reason our hamlet got attention recently? It turns out that a certain very famous actor hails from here. An actor by the name of Gideon Black. Not Oscar material yet admittedly, but successful enough to donate money for development at least. The scenery's nothing to sneeze at either. After completing the walk which usually took at least half an hour, I returned to my home and decided take a look at today's newspapers. After skimming through it a bit, I noticed an article that caught my eye. It apparently was about a new discovery in Russia. Excavations were made which uncovered a large cavern previously unknown to the world at large. A cavern that once might have harbored a civilization.

- Well, this clearly is an interesting find indeed. I though to myself.

As I read the article further, I noticed the name of the person in the charge of this operation. My heart almost skipped a beat when I found it was my cousin Charlie Moors. We never saw each other for five years, and yet there he was, smiling in the picture on a newspaper I was holding in front of me. By all that is sacred, I never knew how famous he would indeed become one day. My only hope that I can get in contact with him and get the chance to see the cavern with my own eyes...