Chapter One- You Ready?

Roland glanced around the NASA space center, unsure what to do next. He and his crew of two other people, Edmund, and Cyrilla, would be blasting off into space on the "Foxflight" Spacecraft in about twenty mission was to investigate Black Holes. Cyrilla had been in space before, two times, as a matter of fact, but still wasn't very confident in her work.

Edmund walked up to Roland, his dirty blonde hair covering one eye. "You ready?" He said with his Australian accent. "'Cause I'm sure not." He started to laugh nervously.

Cyrilla walked up to join her crew. "Me too, but the previous space missions have gone well, why shouldn't this one?" She tucked a lock of her dark brown hair behind one ear. "We have reliable engineers here at NASA, there's nothing to worry about." She paused. "I sound like one of the people lecturing us, don't I?"

Roland nodded. "We should get suited up, we'll be going up soon enough."

"Are you worried?" Cyrilla asked.

"Oh, you wouldn't know." He responded.

Cyrilla only nodded and said, "I'm worried, too, you know. Worried for my family, for the U.S…" She trailed off.

"Nice speech there, but like Roland said, we should get suited up." Edmund butted in. "No offense."

"None taken." Cyrilla and Roland said together. They exchanged glances and nodded, passing a silent message. "He's right."

Fifteen minutes later they were all geared up and waiting for the rocket to be ready for them to board. "Let's make America proud." Roland smiled. "They'll be watching us." The other two of the crew only nodded, and then a man dressed in white walked up to them.

"Are you three ready?" He asked. His badge said that he was one of the engineers.

"Ready as we'll ever be." Edmund said, eyes confident but voice shaky. The engineer nodded and lead them through the long corridors and out into the parking lot. He motioned to a silver van.

"Let's drive to the launching site. It's only about three minutes from here." The space team took their seats and the car started up. It pulled out of the parking lot slowly and carefully, and into the street it went.

It was a warm spring day in 2242, and Roland was sure it was a day America would remember, no matter how the mission went. They drove on for about five minutes, and then they arrived in a huge open plain. The car stopped abruptly, and Cyrilla was the first to swing open the shiny silver door. Roland followed, and Edmund not to long after that.

They took long strides across the open field, and when they reached the stairs they picked up the pace. It seemed only like moments, the time it took them to climb the stairs, but in reality it was minutes. Edmund was the first to reach the top, as he was the youngest, but they were all panting. Before them stretched a great steel bridge, and then the entrance to the space capsule. Roland nodded solemnly and was the first to step onto the bridge.

The ship loomed above them, and they all stepped inside together. Then the countdown started. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Liftoff. There was a jolt and the capsule was off the ground. They were finally doing it.

Author's Note- So, this is going to be a Sci-fi/Fantasy, but the fantasy will come in later. This great idea just popped into my head, and I needed to write it down so badly… so, well, here it is! I hope you enjoy, and I will try to update as often as possible.