The Wedding


Stephanie heard the doorbell from the back of her small apartment. Brushing her uncontrollable hair out of her face she rushed to the door before turning the knob and opening it. She was met with the sight of a man wearing a stark grey polo, with a small embroidery on the left chest. He was holding a bouquet of flowers, and she noticed an envelope poking out from the top of the daisies.

"Stephanie?" The man spoke.

Stephanie nodded in return, her eyes beginning to tear up.

"From your soon-to-be-husband", the man read from the delivery notice, offering a grin and handing the flowers over, "Congratulations, ma'am"

She shot him a smile and took the flowers from him, "Thank you, have a nice day".

He gave a decisive nod and walked away as Stephanie shut the door and returned to her kitchen to place the flowers in a vase. She removed the envelope from the cluster of flowers and carefully tore the envelop open, immediately recognizing Adam's handwriting and beginning to read:

To my soon-to-be-wife on our wedding day,

Stephanie felt her eyes begin to tear again. She set the letter down and walked back into the depths of her apartment. As she entered her bedroom, she noticed the long, white gown hanging on the back of her closet door and she felt her heart rate quicken. With a loving smile forming on her lips, she walked back to the kitchen and began reading the letter again:

"To my soon-to-be-wife on our wedding day,

While words cannot do justice to describe how excited I am that soon I will be calling you my wife, I'm going to do my best. As you're reading this, you will be sitting in our apartment alone because it's bad luck to see your bride before the wedding on the wedding day, and I'm sure I wish nothing more than to see you – but, I must have patience, for the reward will surely be worth every second we spend apart. You're most likely stressing about last minute details, but I encourage you right now to picture me and take a deep breath. Everything is going to be fine. And regardless of whether each flower is arranged perfectly, if by the end of the day I can call you my wife, it will have been a success in my eyes. As I sit here and write this letter, we are four days away from the wedding. Your parents are in town, and mine are arriving tomorrow, it's been a time of great joy for all our friends and families.

I know this will sound cliché, (and even though I've told you a thousand times you still don't believe me), but, from the moment that I laid eyes upon you I knew that one day I would call you my wife. Call it intuition, or fate, or destiny, but I simply call it love. It was our freshman year at college, and you were so out of my league. But, I am convinced that from the first glance across the courtyard at your piercing blue eyes and your long, chestnut hair that I was utterly, truly, madly, and deeply in love with you. I was so scared to approach you and to say "hi", but I had to. You can't marry a woman if she doesn't even know who you are, right? So, I worked up the courage to walk across the courtyard and, well, you remember what happened next. I swear I did not see that bicycle coming because I was so enthralled with your beauty, and even as I lost consciousness laying against the cold, hard cement, my only thoughts lied with you and how I would never get to say "hi" now."

Stephanie gave a quiet giggle at the memory. Adam could be a dork at times, but Stephanie was completely in love with the man. She walked around the kitchen island to retrieve a glass of water. She opened the cupboard adjacent to the sink and a small Tupperware bowl fell from the top shelf, hitting her head before clattering to the floor. After letting out an exasperated sigh, she knelt to the floor, grabbing the container and placing it forcefully on the counter. Adam had a bad habit of not putting things away properly, and has hard as she tried to be mad at him, today was not the day for anger. She took a deep breath, relaxing herself, before reaching up and taking ahold of a cup and running the water in the sink to fill it. With the glass in hand, she returned to her previous locale and continued to read.

"Fast forward a few months, I built up the courage to go and talk to you again. "You were that guy that got hit with the bicycle, weren't you?" Those were the first words you ever said to me, and I swear I could've proposed to you then. I jokingly responded by telling you that I had been released from the hospital with only a few physical scrapes but a large dent to my dignity. While proposing wasn't exactly what happened, I did ask you out on a date, and by golly, you said "yes". Thankfully, on our first date no one got hit by a bicycle, but, I got hit by the freight train of love. You were perfect, are still perfect, and it took all my self-control to wait three more years before I proposed.

Now, I know you're still probably upset about me proposing because you were pretty insistent on waiting until we graduated, but, I honestly could not wait any longer. You were my everything, and I needed you to know that. I'm pretty confident that you're okay with it now since you said you'd marry me. Sometimes I wake up and am in disbelief that you actually fell in love with me too. Who would've ever thought that a nerdy computer science major would ever earn the love of a gorgeous artist. You are the Louis Lane to my Clark Kent (although, I don't have a spectacularly awesome super hero alter ego)."

Never understanding Adam's obsession with super hero movies, Stephanie was fondly reminded at the quirks of her fiancé that she adored with all of her heart. At this moment, she was torn away from the letter once more to another doorbell ringing throughout her apartment. She opened the door once more, but, this time she was met with her mother. Her mother embraced her quickly and said, "Are you ready?"

Nodding for response, "Let me grab my purse from my bedroom."

Stephanie turned and quickly retrieved the mentioned item before emerging once more. She grabbed the letter and carefully placed it in her purse before following her mother out the door. She also had an umbrella in hand, and opened it as she walked outside to prevent the wetness from ruining her hair and makeup.

"Horrible day for rain," she heard her mother say as she ducked into the driver's seat.

Stephanie opened the door to her mother's car and sat in the passenger seat, and was attempting to ready herself for the arrival at the church. They drove in silence and the tears began to trickle down her powdered cheek like the rain pattering against the metal hood of the car. The car slowed as her mother turned the wheel pulling into the parking lot of the church. Regardless that Stephanie has not prepared herself, she opened the umbrella once more and began trotting to the front steps of the cathedral. A sob escaped as she read the sign standing on a tripod at the entrance:

In loving memory of

Adam Timothy Donnovan

Stephanie was still in disbelief that just three days ago, a drunk driver ran her fiancé off the road and took their forever away from them. Instead of the happiest day of her life, this rainy Saturday took the title of "the worst day ever". She looked down and hated the black dress she donned instead of the flowing wedding dress she had bought six months ago in preparation of their vows. She hated herself for letting the sobs take over even though she knew Adam would want her to be strong. But, how could she be strong without her Clark Kent? She regretted that she never had told him that, to her, Superman had nothing on him. To her, Adam was the only super hero she ever needed. The people walked past offering quiet condolences, to which Stephanie could only nod and cry in return. She then remembered the letter in her purse that she had not finished reading. She found a quiet room down a darkened corridor in the church, where she took a seat and finished reading.

"On this day, our wedding day, it's easy to reminisce about the moments that brought us together and got us to where we are today. I would be hit by a thousand more bicycles if it meant I would get to spend the rest of my life with you. And oh, how excited I am. I am excited to wake up every day looking at your beautiful face. I am excited to pour two cups of coffee and stir in the cream just how you like it so I can see your gorgeous smile when the first drops touch your ruby lips. Even when we're super old, and rolling around in our wheelchairs at the nursing home, I want to be holding your hand when we play chess and whatever else old people do. But, I am most excited to come home every day to my best friend, my lover, my wife.

I love you so much, Stephanie Annalise Alvey.

Your soon-to-be-husband,


"I love you, too, Adam Timothy Donnovan." Stephanie whispered as her tears stained the paper Adam had composed the letter upon.