Written during my Break-Up Poetry series last year. One of the weaker ones, but it really encompasses the whole relationship from start to end to now. At the bottom I'll say what everything is referring to.

"12 Step Program"


1. Ten minutes in my best friend's dorm room,

2. Ten minutes into the loudest sex we ever achieved,

3. Ten minutes into the loudest fight in our living room,

4. Ten minutes of skipping rocks and a pun,

5. Ten minutes of a hastily switched class,

6. Ten minutes on the phone panicking,

7. Ten minutes on our bed your bed,

8. Ten minutes before two p.m. another beer,

9. Ten minutes before running out getting halfway down the stairs,

10. Ten minutes after arriving to my living room,

11. Ten minutes after seven p.m. laughing again,

12. Ten minutes in my life feeling like an eternity in every second.

1 was the day we became a thing, more than meeting but not official just yet. 2 and 3 are self explanatory, and also when time starts moving really quickly in the poem compared to real life. 4 is when she proposed. 5 is shortly thereafter when we met the girl she cheated on me with and effectively left me for (I say "effectively" bc I was the one who dumped her, but really only to keep what was left of my dignity). 6 and 7 are when it all blew up, the fight from start to end also meaning the end of the relationship, and 8 is pretty much everyday for the following three months. 9 is when I couldn't take being in the same house with her when she kept bringing the other girl over (we had to finish our lease together, we didn't have a choice monetarily). 10 is when she helped me move and she cried and I felt relieved. I don't remember when exactly 11 was, but finally I was able to be happy around her again (we stayed friends despite everything bc I'm weak and masochistic like that. We actually have a great friendship now, so immensely healthier than that wreck of a relationship ever was). 12 is the bittersweet way I feel everything was experienced-hell while it was happening but only bittersweet now.