Inside and Out

"Guys, this is wrong. We shouldn't be doing this to Cole." Andre claimed. Cole was lying on the couch again and everybody was gathered around him. Daniel had his hands on Cole's head as a gray light illuminated from them. Everybody had a hand on Daniel's back so that they could see the dream Cole was in. "I mean, we can see the dude's struggling. I don't think we need to do this." he added.

"I'm with Andre on this one. Even if he is violent, I think it'd be wrong if we didn't help him. We shouldn't be doing this." Lisa agreed.

"It has to happen. If he fails, there's nothing we can do." Kat argued.

"Well, he won't. You'll see." Jessica replied, hoping her words were true.

"Okay, everybody calm down." Ricky intervened. "Maybe we don't need to keep this up. I do believe we should try to help him. It wouldn't be right if we didn't, but at the same time, we have to see if he can control himself in violent situations." Ricky spoke. Then, he looked from Andre to Daniel. "Danny. Could you please?" he asked. Daniel's eyes looked in Ricky's direction before turning back to Cole.

Cole woke up lying where he passed out. He was groggy, but he could hear something off in the distance. Engines, but he couldn't tell how many there were. Cole got up and stumbled to the ladder. Once he climbed up to the surface, he saw three pairs of headlights off in the distance of the night, all of them coming toward his lair. He didn't even have to wonder who it was because he already knew. Without a second thought, Cole got outside and ran off to his left.

By the time the trucks pulled up, all they saw was an the hatch to Cole's home wide open. There was a light coming from inside, seemingly that of a candle. Six soldiers got out from their vehicles and walked up to the opening with their rifles in hand.

"This is the place Clarke sent us to. What now though?" the second soldier on the right asked, looking at their leader in the middle.

"This." he answered as he took a grenade and pulled its pin. Then, he stuck his right arm inside and tossed the grenade toward his left. A few seconds later, a small part of the explosion came out of the hole with smoke following soon after. "Scan the area. Clarke said to be thorough." the leader ordered.

"Yes, sir!" they all replied. Then, the group all split up into different directions. Unfortunately, one of the soldiers was heading directly toward Cole. He walked up a sand dune and stopped at its peak to look around. Roaring, Cole rose up in a sudden burst of sand and slashing his right set of claws down the soldier's face all the way to his stomach. The rest of the squadron looked over as Cole glared at them.

"Alright, fellas. I got sand in places where it shouldn't be and you f*ckers just blew up my home." he called. "So, which of you wanna die first?" Cole growled as he held his left claw up to his face. One of the soldiers to Cole's left raised his gun, but he was too surprised to pull the trigger when the Deviant he was aiming at disappeared. At the bottom of his vision, he saw Cole ducked down with his arms crossed over to their opposite sides. In one swift motion, Cole slung his arms back around and used his claws for decapitation. With only four more remaining, Cole started sprinting toward the city ruins. After shooting at their target and missing, the remaining soldiers followed after him.

By the time the soldiers made it to the ruins, Cole was out of sight. He was several times faster than any human, so he had a chance to hide in the darkness of what was once a skyscraper. He watched his prey as they all formed a circle with their backs toward each other. 'They made a mistake coming here. First off, they came to my city. Then, they made the amazing decision to come here at night, the worst time of day to fight a Shadow Deviant. They weren't prepared, and now they're gonna die for it.' Cole thought. That was when he shot out of the darkness. In just a couple of seconds, the entire squadron found themselves trapped in a circling cloud of sand with black streaks appearing randomly throughout the dust. Cole picked out a soldier that was trembling, the one on the left side of the group. Then, the cloud cut out as he lunged for the soldier. Before the man could even fire or scream, Cole's claws ran through his target's chest. Unable to speak or scream, all the soldier could do was cry as he looked at Cole. The rest of the group turned, so Cole pulled his hands out of the corpse. He pushed the two at his sides away and stomped his right foot against the chest of the soldier in front of him.

Screaming, that same soldier ran at Cole as soon as he recovered. He dropped his gun and pulled out his knife as he prepared to stab him Cole in his neck. 'Well, look who the brains of the bunch is.' Cole thought. Cole easily blocked attempt, stopping mid-swing with his left forearm. From there, Cole used his right set of claws to slice of the man's arm. Immediately after that, Cole rand his left set into his prey's stomach, which lead to several more times that he stabbed his claws into the soldier's abdomen. He pulled his right hand out one last time before using it to slash up the soldier's chest and out his throat.

Just as he finished with that one, the two at his sides held up their guns. Quickly, Cole summoned a couple of shadows that snared around the guns and pointed them at the ground as the shots fired. While they were still preoccupied, Cole charged at the one to his left. However, the soldier managed to break free from the darkness and put a round of buckshot in Cole's chest. As soon as their target was on the ground, they looked at each other and grinned. Cole wasn't moving, so they assumed they must've killed him. Although, their assumption was soon proven wrong. Cole blasted the soldier that was farthest from him and started to get up. The man in front of Cole was too shocked to speak, even dropping his shotgun into the sand as he staggered back. Cole growled as the bullets popped out of his body and darkness healed his injuries.

"Shoulda brought those special bullets!" Cole said through his clenched teeth. Then, he moved toward the soldier and slashed him down his face with his right claws. Following that, Cole ran his left claws across the man's throat before driving his right set up into his prey's rib cage. He pulled his hand from the soldier's body only to grab him by his vest. Finally, Cole leapt toward a pole that was sticking out of a broken skyscraper. Ruthlessly, he impaled the soldier on the pole, letting the soldier's body hang there. Cole landed, but didn't have any time to recover before his back was lit up with multiple rounds from an assault rifle. Once the shooting stopped, Cole fell to his knees.

"Had enough yet, you damn Deviant?!" the final soldier shouted, the leader and very same soldier that blew up Cole's home. Cole didn't say anything. Instead, a deep, growl came from his body. Then, Cole looked up and his eyes were pure white as he snarled while turning toward his final, soon-to-be victim. With a monstrous roar, Cole leapt into the air so high that he blocked the light of the full Moon. Against that lunar light, he seemed like nothing more than a black imprint with his left claws pulled back. The soldier fired at him again, but Cole didn't even flinch. As he came down, Cole ran his left set of claws through the man's right thigh. After that, he tossed the soldier high into the starry, night sky. As the man flipped helpless through the air with seemingly no end to how high he was going, Cole jumped after him. Even as they were going up, Cole continued to run his claws into the man's body. Finally, once they'd reached a height that made the city look small, Cole ran both his hand through his prey and flipped their positions, putting Cole above the soldier now. With that done, Cole brought his left foot down onto the man's back and sent him plummeting toward the ground so fast that he'd broken the sound barrier a few times over. However, Cole wasn't finished. In a streak of darkness, Cole shot past the soldier and made it to the ground first. He stabbed his right claws upward just in time to run them through the man's chest, with his back facing down at Cole. Over and over again, Cole drove his left set of claws through the leader's back. After several times, he ripped his right hand out and stepped to the side and let the man's body drop. Once the body was at the same height as Cole's head, Cole brought his left claws down into man's chest and drove him into the ground. From there, he continued to stab his hands into the man's chest as he snarled.

"Cole!" a voice called. To lost in his rage, Cole didn't realize that it was Jessica, who was standing just a few feet behind him. She tried again as she put her left hand on his right shoulder. With a loud growl, Cole turned and hit Jessica away. Jessica opened her eyes from her grimacing and saw him approaching. Again, his body seemed to be nothing more than a shadow with white, glowing, feral eyes and claws as darkness whisped from his body. Cole slowly approached her as he growled. "Cole, please! It's me! It's Jessica! You know me!" she tried. As soon as she finished speaking, he lunged at her with his left claws piercing toward her. "COLE!" Jessica screamed as she raised her arms to guard herself. A few moments passed and Jessica became a little surprised. She expected to be stabbed, but felt no pain whatsoever. Jessica looked up and her eyes widened once she saw Cole standing over her. His claws were just inches from her face, but he pulled his hand back. Everything seemed to calm down until the sound of engines started coming from Jessica's right. Both of them looked at saw more trucks coming at them, no doubt at all that they were the Resurgence. Without any hesitation, Cole roared and lunged toward them.

In that same scream, Cole sat up with his claws formed. He looked and saw that he was back inside the base, the same one he woke up in the other day. While taking deep breaths, Cole looked and saw everyone was gathered around him and staring with wide eyes. Jessica stood with her right hand against her head as she groaned.

"I told you not to go in there." Ricky stated.

"Well… he needed to know…" Jessica replied.

"Know what? What's going on?" Cole asked.

"That was a mental simulation we had Danny create. It was to see if you could pass our test to join us, and by my standards, you failed." Kat answered.

"Oh, well whoop-de-f*cking-doo." Cole responded, uncaringly before standing up.

"I mean, that's just her though. You don't gotta leave, man." Andre quickly followed up. Cole sighed and looked at each member of their team.

"Look, if you really want me to join, fine. I don't care one way or the other, but just know, the Resurgence wants us all dead, so when we face them, I'm gonna kill them." he spoke. There was a pause between everybody as they looked at each other. Finally, Ricky turned toward Andre.

"Is this… Resurgence really that bad?" he questioned.

"Oh, yeah. They torture and kill Deviants. Then, they use the DNA of those same Deviants to make weapons. Those dudes are straight evil, man." Andre confirmed.

"Well… I'm not sure how we'll deal with them then." Ricky said. Finally, he turned to Cole and looked at him. "By all standards, you did fail. Still, since the Resurgence is as bad as you say, you're in, but you and I have to talk first." he announced. Jessica and Andre smiled in relief. Danny grinned in happiness as he looked at Cole. Kat rolled her eyes in distaste and Lisa looked from Ricky to Cole, wondering what they were going to talk about. With that, the two of them left the base and closed the door.

"He doesn't belong here." Kat said with her arms crossed as she looked at the door.

"Well, he's here now, so just let it go." Andre responded. The two of them glared at each other, but amidst their mutual annoyance, Jessica was smiling. 'He's one of us now. Welcome to the Rogues Cole.' Jessica thought with a warm, happy expression.