Chapter 1: Meet His Team

The earth had six contradicting peoples. The water druids, who lived on a collection of islands far off the shore, the fire masters, who resided among the volcanoes, the earth lords, who inhabited the forests, the air warriors, who ruled atop the mountains, the light mages, who dwelled in the sacred temples, and the shadow clan, who hid deep underground.

These six denizens of Earth fought for centuries, until, a wise man by the name of Jerald, yes, Jerald, they called him Chishiki so we'll go with that instead. Chishiki, a man of wisdom, proposed that the six kingdoms allowed their youth to meet for one week and see how they fared. This was done, (no one knows how he convinced these mortal enemies to do this, but it was done) and the children became comrades. Seeing this swayed the people into joining and being open to each other's differences. (There was no retaliation somehow.) The temper and open nature of the Fire Masters, the peace and discipline of the Water Nation, the hardworking and stubborn hearts of the Earth Lords, the strict military culture of the Air Warriors, the serenity and purity of the Light Mages, and the secretive, cool collected demeanor of the Shadow Clan. They all came together.

Just in time as well, for creatures called Tero began to appear across the world. The nations made a decision, that every youth who wished to do so, could train with their element, and join with five other students selected of their respective countries. They called these the "Elemental Teams". Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the people of each respective country use the element that is literally in the fucking name. In case you didn't guess by that fact.

Anyway, the teams usually consisted of teenagers round ages 13-16. No one knows why they intrusted the fate of the world to unstable, hormone raging, rebellious, annoying teens, and why the adults didn't do anything. Or why since everyone had elemental powers, they couldn't handle the attacks themselves, and instead waited for these teenagers while people died and their homes were destroyed. Costing billions of Okane (the currency) to repair the damage, heal, feed, and clothe the survivors. Or why they didn't set up any defenses what so ever, or made an evacuation plan. And, for that matter- [This section was cut off for interrupting the author's flawless genius.]

Hironori Itsuki was born to the Fire Masters as a prodigy. He was always top of his class, was strong, good looking, and extremely talented in his element. He was the best of the best. The perfect representation of a Fire Master. He always longed for the day he would meet his elemental team. So, one may wonder, how the hell did he get stuck with these guys?

An earth lord with no dirt on her who was currently putting on makeup, a shadow clan member who was currently screaming at his extremely violent video game , a water druid who was cheering for him to beat whatever enemy as obnoxiously as she possibly could, an air warrior who was. . . building a car. . .?. . . , and a light mage who was reading a book on the occult.

Hironori, like most Fire Masters, had yellow eyes, tanned skin, and bright red, spiky hair. His teeth were normal except for this one canine tooth. He was tall, around 6ft. He was fairly muscular, a six pack wasn't too bad for a fifteen year old! He wore a golden T-shirt with #1 in shiny, silver numerals. He had pink shorts (they used to be red, but someone threw them in with the whites) and a pair of silver tennis shoes with gold socks. As stated before, he was the definition of a Fire Master in all forms. These guys, not so much, though they did have some resemblance.

His eyes turned to the first of the group, who was the Earth Lord. Closed eyes (that could see perfectly well in typical manga fashion), straight blonde hair, slightly tanned. She had perfect teeth. She was about 5ft 8. She had around C sized breasts (what else do you think a teenage boy would notice?), and some relatively good curves. She wore a light pink lace shirt with a silver silk jacket. She had a magenta skirt with light pink high heels.

The shadow clan guy had red eyes, blackish gray, spiky hair, pale skin, and sharp, shark like teeth with food stuck in between. He had this weird scar that went from the corner of his mouth, to the lower part of his neck. He was probably 6ft 1. He was kinda muscular, no real definition though. He wore a long-sleeved black shirt, with long gray pants and black boots that went up to his calf.

The girl next to him, the water druid, had teal blue eyes, dark blue (around an ocean blue) hair, and tan skin (not as tan as a fire masters) with freckles. Normal teeth. She was, exactly 5ft 10 (she was standing next to the height chart). She was a D-cup and had stunning curves. She wore a sleeveless, swamp green dress that hugged her in all the right places. She was barefoot.

The air warrior was no better. Gray eyes, long, but uneven brown hair that covered an entire half of his face, pale-ish skin (like not tan, but not pale either, it just leaned on the pale side). He had a scar that ran from his cheek to just under his eye. He had a chipped tooth. He was about 5ft 11. He was, surprisingly, pretty muscular. He wore a dark blue (like the color you find on jeans), worn-out, mechanic's jump suit, with black boots that went to his ankles.

The light mage had green eyes, long blonde hair that went down to her ankles, and pale skin. Normal teeth. She was. . . 6ft 7? Around a B-cup with okay curves. She wore a black crop-top, with a black mini skirt that had a skull belt buckle. The skull had a bow. She had wooden sandals on. They were painted black, probably by her.

Hironori could only gaze in horror, and hope he was the leader.