Chapter 2: Unwanted Attention

Suddenly, he felt a hand grab his shirt collar. Before he could scream, a hand came over his mouth. His supposed "team" hadn't even noticed he was there in the first place! "Shh! It's just me!" Came a cracking voice on the peak of becoming deeper. "Satoshi!" Satoshi Fumei was Hironori's best friend. He had yellow eyes, red hair, though it was calm and parted in the middle. Very tan, like most people of the fire masters. He wore a traditional karate outfit. (You know, the long white shirt and pants with the belt?) He was fourteen. "Those guys are crazy! You'll never become a hero with them as your team! Let's get Hon-sensei and tell him there was a mistake in the selection process." Said Satoshi. Master Hon was tan with long red hair and yellow eyes. His hair had some strands of white flowing through it, he was sixty five after all, and his face was wrinkled. He wore a kimono (Google it) with some wooden sandals.

"Ah, but there was no mistake, young gakusei." Came the old voice of their master. The two turned to see Hon-sensei reading a book at the end of the hallway. The layout was this: They were in a building with four main sections, a dormitory, a training ground, a mess hall, and a school. They were currently in the school. It was a long hallway with many different rooms (classrooms to be exact) on both sides all the way down to the exit. He'd snuck into the hallway expecting something like this to occur. He chose to reveal himself now because he liked scaring his students. He was evil like that.

"The hell do ya mean, 'there was mistake'? Those guys don't act like they're supposed to at all!" Hironori clenched his fists, knuckles going white.

"You took one look, oh little gakusei, you haven't even spoken to them yet!" Hon-sensei chuckled.

"Because I don't need to- AH!" He cried as Hon-sensei grabbed his ear.

"Yes you do. You are to judgmental gakusei! Now, go in there, and actually talk to your team mates."

Hironori growled before trudging back towards the room where his dreaded "teammates" were located. Looking around for someone even remotely acceptable to talk to. He narrowed it down to the two people who didn't seem crazy: the earth lord, and the air warrior. Hm. Well, she seemed like a bitch so air warrior first then! He snuck around the edges, trying to avoid attention. He then nervously walked over to the air warrior. The air warrior had various blueprints, tools, and machine parts scattered around his general area.

"Um, hi. . . uh, what's your name? I'm Itsuki Hironori, how are you?" The boy looked up, scanned him, then looked back to what Hironori assumed was the engine. Well, that was a waste of time-

"My name is Koji Yosuke, pleasure to meet you Itsuki-san*."

"Well at least I get some form of respect. . . "Same to you, Koji-san. So, what are you working on?"

"The engine, I'm having a little trouble with the- WAIT! GOT IT! YES!" Everyone else in the room turned their attention at the once silent boy, and the red-haired kid standing next to him. Shadow guy, (as Hironori dubbed him) jumped out of his seat and ran over to the sort of duo.

"WHAT IS IT? WHAT HAPPENED? WHA'D YA DO? WHA'D YA DO?" Christ, he was loud!

"Oh, well you see, all I did was-blah, blah, blah, tech, blah, blah, blah, science, blah, blah, BLAH!- and that's how I built the cars' engine."


"Well, Hibiki-san, my name is Koji Yosuke, and this is Itsuki Hironori."

"Kill me."

"Alright now, gather around. I am your teacher, Loli Tamashi, but you will call me Loli-sensei."

Alright, who was this bitch?

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*(Wikipedia Definition (kind of): "-san" is a japanese honorific meaning "Mr.", "Miss", Ms. , or Mrs." among people of the same age group. It is a formal suffix put after the last name of the person being referred to.)