The Unforgiven 2

By Shadowgate

Alexander Conway was admitted to Memorial Hermann Hospital on Saturday for a minor stroke. His daughter and son in law had him admitted. The admitting nurse Joan Mitchell gave the report.

"The patient is 76 year old Alexander Conway. The patient's daughter reports that he's behaved strangely over the past three days. She said an hour ago he fell down and that's when she called 911. We suspect he's had a stroke."

The orderlies wheel Conway into the ER.

Alexander Conway was kept overnight and tests were run. The next morning while Alexander was having his breakfast Doctor Bill Garden came in with his test results. Alexander was also informed that he would be staying in the hospital for a week for observation. Alexander stated that he understood the conditions. He was introduced to the nurse assigned to him Anna Beckham.

Alexander said hello to the nurse.


14 year old Walter Budget came to visit his dad who is dying from cancer. His dad Donnie was in the room beside Alexander Conway. When Walter entered his dad's room he said "dad I know you've only got a few days to live. Let's spend the last few listening to Metallica. That was the first concert you took me to when I was just eight years old."

Walter begins playing The Unforgiven 2 by Metallica.

Soon they crank it up.

Alexander screams "what the fuck!"

Alexander walked over next door and banged on the door. They shut the music off and Walter opened the door.

Alexander screamed "You little shit this is a hospital and not a jungle gym. Where are your parents?"

Donnie Budget yelled "I'm over here asshole I'm his fucking dad."

Alexander yelled "well why don't you control your kid?"

Walter said "my dad is dying so we're having a little fun in his final moments you fucking dickhead."

Alexander got mad and said "I'm complaining to the front about you and your heathen dad. You both should be stoned to death for listening to that rock music."

Walter yelled "suck my dick asshole!"

Security came and broke up the whole fight. Alexander was told to stay in his room and not hassle other patients. The Budgets were told to turn the music down.

The day after the fight Alexander Conway was informed by his daughter that Donnie Budget passed away. Alexander jumped for joy. The staff was rather disgusted.

That Sunday night Alexander was happy a heavy metal fan was dead. When it was bed time he drifted off peacefully. Suddenly he looked out upon a beautiful neighborhood. He'd just moved in three months ago.

Within the three months he took notice of a 13 year old named Paul Ronald. He got to know his parents Debbie and Patrick. One day Paul wore a Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt and Alexander screamed "you should not be wearing that fucking t-shirt."

Paul asked "why not?"

Alexander said "rock music is the devil's music."

Paul flipped off Alexander then Alexander punched him.

He was charged with assaulting a minor and did 30 days in jail.

Not long after getting out of jail he hassled a kid named Warren Decker in a Stop and Go Parking Lot for skateboarding. Warren hit Alexander with his skateboard. Warren's parents settled out of court.

As Alexander Conway's dream continued on he found himself in a shopping mall. He saw a girl aged 10-12 wearing a pair of black shorts with a dragon on them.

He screamed "hey young lady those short shorts are indecent."

The girl turned around and asked "what do you mean indecent?"

Alexander screamed "those shorts are not down to knee level."

The girl replied "we're in the mall not in school."

Alexander became very enraged. His forehead tightened up. He said "it's not lady like."

The girl's friend replied "well if you want to be lady like you go put on a dress and lipstick."

Alexander started cussing big time. The mall security guard came over and asked what the problem was.

The mall security guard turned to the girls and said "where are your parents?"

They both replied "at home."

The mall security guard said "we've had lots of problems with out of control children lately so I'll need your names and your parents phone numbers."

The girl wearing the shorts in question said "he started the confrontation."

Alexander screamed "How dare you act like brats!"

Another adult stepped in and said "well they're entitled to act like brats considering how you treated them."

Alexander said "what the fuck are you taking the kid's side for you heathen woman?"

The woman became angry and flipped him off.

The security guard became impatient and asked "who started this?"

The girls said he started it over a pair of shorts one of them was wearing. Adult witnesses verified their story as true and

Alexander Conway was told to leave the shopping mall.

He was so pissed off.

His dream went on to the next neighborhood he lived in.

While in the next neighborhood he got into a fight with a boy named Carlos Diaz. His parents filed a racial harassment complaint with the police.

Soon the dream of his past came to an end. He woke up at 9AM.

His daughter Betty was there.

Alex said "oh Betty I had a wild dream. A dream about my past about all the rotten delinquents I had trouble with."

Betty said "what delinquents?"

Alex said "you know all my life I've had trouble with kids misbehaving."

Betty replied "you were a fucking child abuser all your life dad."

His daughter Betty leaves the room and but his nurse Anna Buckham stayed.

She said "well my daughter told me about how you hate children, freedom and rock music. The last rock song you heard was Unforgiven 2 and you are unforgiven too."

Nurse Buckham grabs a baseball bat and beats Alexander Conway to death.

Outside the parking lot 13 year old Richard Thorn was just released from the hospital after having his tonsils out. His best friend Ryan Jammer played Metallica's Unforgiven 2 in the parking lot as loud as he fucking could.

When the news media got word of Alexander Conway's murder by a nurse it sure didn't reflect well on the hospital.