The Unforgiven 3

By Shadowgate

Millard Redford was 60 years old and lived in Miami Florida. He woke up on the morning of January 7, 2016 and this would not be just another morning. It was his sixtieth birthday. He looked forward to an all-day sailing trip on the Atlantic Ocean.

Millard Redford was born January 7, 1956 and was generally a shy kid. When he was in third grade bullying started. After three weeks of it he fought back. A teacher was not happy about it. "Millard should be expelled!"

Millard screamed "they started it!"

The teacher screamed "shut up I'm the teacher and I'm talking."

Millard's mother came up to school the next day and cussed out that teacher. The principal was not happy. Millard went through third grade all the way through eighth grade with few friends each year.

In ninth grade he was 15 and he saw his first concert Black Sabbath. It was the night of his life.

So on the morning of his birthday he met up with Mitch Tartan the neighbor's 15 year old son.

Mitch yelled out "happy birthday Millard!"

Millard said "thank you Mitch hey bring your boom box and the Death Magnetic CD. I've got something special for the two of us."

Millard flashed a big bag of reefer and Mitch said "fuck yeah."

Millard smiled and said "your parents trust me let's head down to the woods."

The two went down to the woods and lit up.

They sang Metallica songs and loved that fucking reefer for a whole hour.

They waited another two hours for the pot to wear off. Millard and Mitch hugged.

When Millard got home his wife told him his cake would be ready soon. He told her "well let's keep my birthday party short because for my 60'Th Birthday I have a big special plan. I want to sail in the great big ocean."

His wife looked at him oddly but he repeated himself. He said "I want to sail."

While he still waited on his birthday cake he went to his hobby room where his IPOD was. He turned on Metallica's The Unforgiven 3. He began singing along.

"How could he know this new dawn's light would change his light forever?"

He started thrashing hard as if he was just 16. His wife could not understand how he got into today's music.

After listening to one of his all-time favorite Metallica songs his cake was ready.

When he came out of his hobby room he got a big birthday surprise from his wife, Mitch, and his friendly neighbors.

He had dinner and cake with them.


It was a full moon. The wind was heavier than usual. Millard Redford got on his ship and took off.

He sang "how could he know his new dawn's light would change his light forever? Set sea to sea" and he did just that. He casted off into the sea.

He continued to sing "was he the one causing pain with his careless dreaming?"

He thought about his dreams of being a police officer or a lieutenant in the military that never happened.

"Been afraid, always afraid
of the things he's feeling
He could just be gone
He would just sail on
He'll just sail on"

So that's exactly what he did. He sailed on into the darkness. He sailed on into the Bermuda Triangle.

He thought about his wife. He thought about his mother who'd long since died. He suddenly had a feeling that he too would soon be dead. He knew this feeling was no Goddamn joke. He continued to sing.

"How can I be lost
If I've got nowhere to go?
Search for seas of gold
How come it's got so cold?
How can I be lost
in remembrance I relive
and how can I blame you
when it's me I can't forgive?"

As he sailed out further he felt icy cold wind which was not normal south of Florida. Then he saw grey all around him. Then his ship although in perfect sturdy shape just happened to sink down into the Bermuda Triangle in a flash and Millard Redford with it.

The next day the Widow Redford stood on her front porch. Everyone knew that due to the fact that Millard did not return he'd become a victim of the Bermuda Triangle.

The End