I want x-ray vision.

No, not for the reason you think.

I have no desire to see through walls (almost).

What I need is to see through words, through intentions.

Other's thoughts are a mystery

An unfathomable space of uncertainty;

A runaway train that rarely stops for boarders.

Doesn't it scare you sometimes,

What lies behind that facade?

What clever concoctions await

In their mental layers?

How are we to defend

If we do not know what we are against?


I want x-ray vision

To protect myself and others against

The deviant delinquents, lavish liars,

Those cunning con artists

That linger and wait to catch us unawares.

I want to be a social superman

And throw offenders behind the bars of their own deceit.


I want x-ray vision

To see the hearts of humans.

To find the bad and stay away;

To find the good and bind

Myself to them so I do not stray.

To find the ones that are lost and lone,

To give love to those that desperately need it.




I want x-ray vision

To know myself, my own heart.

To reach for the answers that never come easy:

Who am I?

What do I want?

To know am I good?

Is there a secret evil inside?

I want x-ray vision

To unravel the mystery that is me.