Come now, be quiet.

Let me tell you a tale

About a kingdom

Called Meaterra.

A kingdom of double,

The Novus and The Veteris;

They were once one.

Then one day, a magician waddled in

And showed them his workings.

Some oohed and awed,

Others booed and scoffed.

Some excited and accepting,

Others angry and rejecting.

Some like the new,

Others upheld the old.

Arguments ensued and the kingdom

Was split right down the middle,

From one to two.


When King Archeum

Heard of this trickster

He was enraged.

Now, you must understand:

King Archeum was a good king,

Kind and just, fair and loving;

He would do anything for his people.

And unlike the townsfolk,

Who spit fire for fun,

His anger had reason.

For the neighboring land was of magicians,

And they had created a spell,

A potion that dispersed a disease.

This malignancy had passed over his realm

And snuffed out his joy,

His beloved Queen Laetitia.

He lamented his lost for days, weeks,

And to this day, he continues to grieve;

A permanent shadow across his face.

Thus with a solemn soul and hanging head,

He banished the spellbinder

From his domain,

And at once, forbade

Every twitch and thought,

Every murmur of magic,

Every whisper of such devilry.


Princess Eve had been too young to know

Her mother, or remember her go.

So she had been fascinated by the charmer,

Loved the sparks and tricks.

Every flick of this wrist,

Every phrase he spoke

Drew her in, reeled her in,

Surrounding her with blinding brilliance.

She did not understand, nor agree with,

Her father's fear of such divination.

When she had watched the sorcerer

Weave and create,

Spin light to fix,

Conjure to entertain,

She could only imagine

The wonders the land could make.

Fields would be full,

Health would be abundant,

The people protected.

Happiness would seep

Into every branch and stone in Meaterra.

Faces smiling and shining,

Citizens shouting, singing, sharing

With the world their achievements,

Their accomplishments.

For all her intelligence she could not

Comprehend why the king would outlaw

This enchanting magic.


Of course, as we all know,

Even though there are rules,

Not everyone follows,

Not everyone listens.

The Veteris willingly complied,

But try as he might, the king

Could not stop the Novus

From practicing and embracing

Their wondrous gifts.

Like head strong youth,

They practiced in the shadows, in the dark,

Until they could keep quiet no more.

Oppressed, they lashed out,

Chaos ran rampant throughout.

They could not be caught,

For their wizardry made them

Masters of evasion.

Homes caught fire,

Carriages collapsed,

Possessions "misplaced".

Crops unyielding.

As his empire fell to ruins,

King Archeum sank into deeper sorrow.

He had lost his light;

Now he would lose his kingdom.


The brave Princess refused

To give in, to give up.

She conferred with High Knight Alexandra

Methods to contain the madness.

They devised a strategy to protect both

The Veteris and the Novus.

They knew what they must do.

Knight Alexandra took soldiers to the streets,

And Eve marched to her father.

"King Archeum, tis I, Princess Eve"

"Speak, child"

"My lord, you must lift the ban,

Release the people from their shackles"

"How can I?

I must protect my people

From the danger with which they play"

"Sire, your protection

Causes your people grief:

Stirring hate,

Launching arrows of anarchy,

Gales of misfortune.

To guard and keep your kingdom steadfast,

We must harness the power you fear;

Use it to help them thrive,

To keep children happy and hopeful,

To teach the youth

The possibilities of the future,

To preserve lives you hold dear.

My king, my lord,

My father,

We must welcome magic"

The king stayed silent;

The princess's eyes filled

With tears and disbelief

And fled his presence.


He was in shock.

He did not want it.

He did not want to accept it,

To think about it.

But looking across the land,

The black columns of smoke,

Growing, rising, multiplying,

He saw the wisdom in her words,

A wisdom beyond her years,

His years, their years.

Without further debate

He opened his lands, lives, loves

To potential power,

And restored his kingdom

To its former glory and prosperity.


When the king passed,

And in his final resting place,

Queen Eve rose

And with Knight Alexandra,

Joined the Veteris and the Novus,

Becoming one people, the Futurum.

With fertility and felicity

Flooding, overflowing,

The Futurum sang praises,

Giving honor to Queen Eve

That echoed into worlds to come.

Hey guys! This is my first time writing something this long (not for school)... Advice and reviews are simple extravagances 8) Thanks!