The Final Battle


Untold stories of battles, wars, knights, castles, villages could have all been certainly possible and never recorded. Our story takes us to southern central Highland, near the northwestern shore of the great lakes.

In a time when war raged, the sinful conquered and took over, destroying everything in its path. That was until a hero was born. Growing up never knowing his destiny or true potential, this young man will meet his enemy, the supreme leader of a malicious bloodthirsty nation. To bring about peace throughout all the lands, his story is only just beginning.

August 26th 1336

War—the opposing lands battled for dominance, killing countless and destroying everything opposed to them. Two full years had past since this conflict first began and still there was no conclusion. Yet, hope is and will always be there for the people, as a new warrior will stand and fight. And for the fate of the world, great sacrifices will have to be made. But with sacrifice comes freedom—and that is what this young boy fights to give.

While most of the men in the small villages were off at war, it would leave the woman and children alone to fend for themselves until they returned. In the quiet village of Cherry Gate, a small township in Highland—is where our young hero begins his story. A young boy, only at the age of eleven at the time, ran through their small home play fighting with his older brother. His brother, thirteen years old, always dreamed of fighting alongside their father on the battlefield. Although he'd have to wait another year until he was able to join the Highland Army, he used all the time he had to practice. Making two wooden swords, the two young boys would play against one another in sword fighting.

"Ty! I will not be telling you again. Off to thy slumbers for the night." Their mother called from the other room.

But the two boys were having too much fun to go to sleep yet, even though it was getting rather dark outside through the window. "Yes mother, just a few more minutes!" Ty replied.

Once his brother had pinned him down, both have had it for the night. "Hey, thy cheated!" Ty, the younger one spoke, blocking his brother's attack after he slapped his leg lightly with his wooden sword.

"Nay way, younger brother! If you wish to be like father, thee has't to be strong." His brother told him, placing his sword down for the night as the two boys wondered into their room.

"I know. Its not easy being strong."

"Ha, ha." He laughed. "If thee keep declaring that thee'll never be like father." His older brother said.

"Just you wait brother. One day, I am going to be strong. Even stronger then father." Ty told his brother.

But before the boys could climb into their straw beds to sleep, bright flames appeared outside, as people entered their village. The flames were vast as they shined through their bedroom window.

"What's going on?" Ty asked looking out the window. As chaos began, enemy soldiers began pouring into their village, shooting, carrying weapons and burning down all the houses. Villagers were crying, screaming, trying to escape.

"Mother!?" Ty's older brother shouted, becoming frightened by what he was seeing happen outside.

Their mom came running into their room. "Make haste boys, we has't to run!"

She led the two young boys through the back of their hut and looked around to be horrified. Everyone was scattered. Those who tried to run were killed as others were captured.
In order to keep her children safe, their mother then led them over to the forest to escape.

"Allow not any escape!" One of the higher supreme soldiers ordered. While running around, killing and burning, some soldiers had spotted the three running towards the forest and began to chase them on horses with the archers. "After those escapees!"

"Run boys!" Their mother instructed. But running with two young children slowed down their pace, which allowed the archers to quickly catch up. Then suddenly, one of the archers released an arrow and it had successfully struck the mother through her leg, which caused her to fall roughly on the dirt ground.

"No! Mother!" Ty shouted, running back to her, the same with his older brother.

"No, boys, run before they catch thee too." Their mother forced out, trying to push them away so that they'd run.

Ty's older brother kneeled down beside his mother. "We are not leaving without you!"

"Get those peasants! Don't let any escape." They heard the soldiers in the near distance, galloping closer to them on their horses.

"Please, run. Thy lives are too important. Worry not, we will meet again. I promise." Their mother told them. "Leave now!"

As scared as Ty was, he listened and he began to run away, tears escaping his worried eyes.

With the entire village completely up in flames, the soldiers finished up, lifting all the peasants into cage wagons. Ty, who was hiding in some nearby bushes, saw as the soldiers threw his mother and brother inside one of the cages. And just when the frightened boy had seen enough and just wished that the enemy would just leave, another boy same into sight. Looked to be only a year or two older then Ty was, jump off a horse. He wore a complete armor suit complete with a sword. He had piercing malevolent eyes and a fearsome smile that would send shivers up anyone's spine. Ty ducked his head down but while doing so, caused some ruckus within the bushes, which caught the boy's attention. He then looked over to where Ty was hiding and smiled…his smile, frightening, almost immorally even.

And that is when he woke up. Sweat dripping down the side of his face, his heart pounding.

Always the same dream every night. Wherefore can't I let go of my past?