We work well together;

Complementary angles

That create one straight line.

We know how

We each perform;

Can accurately guess

Each other's thoughts.

Like left and right feet

We step in harmony

Toward the goal, completing.


Spectators say we are coordinated,

"Like magnets, you match so well."

But what outsiders don't know

Is that this unification

Doesn't sprout from love or intimacy.

Like gears and cogs, we fit

Because we know each other's

Lines and spaces, each other's boundaries.

This is all we know;

The only method of operation

That has been programed

Into our relationship;

The only dance we remember.

Since we've forgotten any other "how,"

We are stuck,

Frozen in this juncture.

We have been for a long time,

And Time breeds Familiarity.