Heroes Legion: "Year One":

Episode 20:

Knight Switch!

By Maskedhero100.

Chapter 1: Black Knight Attacks!

Judas Black's Sanctum: May 20th 2014: 7:00 PM

In the "safe house" between worlds (The Magic Realm and Earth Realm) belonging to the dark magic user Judas Black, located in the library section of the safe house.

Black Knight was engrossed in one of Judas Black's spell books he had plucked from the shelves of the library.

He had been busy reading it for several hours, particularly a single chapter in the spell book which had taken his interest.

He had been stranded here with the rest of the Dark Elite ever since that turncoat who called himself "Legion" betrayed him and his allies and stole their powers.

The only one who didn't lose their abilities were Dominatrix (due to being a cyborg) and Judas Black who had managed to use a teleportation spell to pull himself, the HMS Demeter and the rest of The Dark Elite away before Legion could steal his power and leave them all vulnerable to being killed by the renegade metahuman.

Over time, their individual abilities returned.

Having their own supply of M-50 Crystals in the hull of the HMS Demeter/The Sanctum managed to fix that problem thankfully.

They would have resumed their efforts to pester the Heroes Legion while working towards Meta-Master's newest master plan, but Meta-Master vetoed the idea of going back into the HMS Demeter/The Sanctum and hiding on the ocean floor away from the Heroes Legion's scanners.

He realised that since this "Safe House" of Judas Black's existed in an interdimensional pocket space floating between Earth and the Magic Realm, this was the one place that the Heroes Legion wouldn't be able to find them.

Not even those blasted S.L.E.E.T satellites or the Heroes Legion's tracking computer would be able to find them here either.

It gave the Dark Elite carte blanche to do what they needed to do without setting off any alarms and to avoid detection until it was too late to stop what they were planning to do.

The experiments with M-50, the failed takeover of Atlantis, the recovery of the ruined remains of the Meta-Gene Activator, the use of M-50 on the M-Gene bearers they found with Sonar's abilities and fully activated as best as they could with the limited amount of M-50 crystals they had in their possession, and the test of the restored MGA on that small island seventeen miles away from the New York coast…they were all small pieces in a big scheme that was getting closer and closer to being finalized and put into action.

But Black Knight didn't care about that, sure ruling the world sounded like fun, but there was only one thing he wanted above all other things.

Shadow Knight, dead.

It burned him to know that Shadow Knight had also managed to get his powers back from Legion, he had hoped that his hated rival would never recover from that and that he would be the only Shadow User in the world (and he'd be an easier target to kill)…but no, fate smiled upon him again and he was now the second other shadow user in the world.

He hated having to hide here in Judas Black's 'floating house' while Shadow Knight ran around, forbidden by Meta-Master to go down to earth and take on the Heroes Legion in any way until his master plan was ready to be put into action.

He still remembered what happened when he and the rest of the Dark Elite took over the Heroes Legion's headquarters, although he like the others no longer remembered where that place was thanks to M-Leader's psychic attack.

The damn Shadow Knight managed to help foil the plan, and without using his most powerful ability, the Shadow Walking ability of teleportation to do so.

He had learned.

He knew Black Knight could detect Shadow Walking and also scramble its user's destination to reappear in a different and mostly dangerous location…like inside a wall.

He had also played him for a fool by making it seem like he had killed him, when really, it was just one of his "body clones" he makes out of animated darkness from his own shadow or something.

Something that Black Knight could not do, to his frustration.

He hated that even though he and Shadow Knight got their powers from the same source, his damn bastard fathers mutagen, Shadow Knight had more abilities than he did…and no matter how much he trained he could never seem to show or acquire any of those abilities.

The only thing he had to match him was his Shadow Walking scrambling power.

He deserved the powers Shadow Knight possessed, not Shadow Knight.

But if this spell that he had discovered in this spell books chapter was able to be as easy performed as he hoped it would, that problem would soon be rectified.

"Staying up late?" the voice of Judas Black asked scornfully from behind the chair that Black Knight was sitting in reading that spell book.

Black Knight just casually stood up from his chair, he closed the book with his finger on the page that he had been examining, and turned to face Judas Black.

"I need something to entertain myself with around here while everyone sleeps for eight hours don't I?" Black Knight asked snidely, with the spell book still in his hand as he faced his teammate, "I don't sleep. I nap. So a bit of light reading helps pass the time. And I must say, this was a good read indeed."

"You have one of my spell books in your hands rather suspiciously" Judas Black pointed out, "Why? What are you up to?"

"What I'm always up to, like everyone else in The Dark Elite. I'm up to no good. Unfortunately, since I'm not a Magic user, I require your assistance for what I plan to do with the spell found in this spell book which is critically needed to make my little plan work in the first place" Black Knight answered cryptically, and opened up the spell book with his finger still on the page in question.

He handed the book to the Dark Mage of the team of Archenemies known as The Dark Elite, and Judas Black examined whatever it was that that Shadow Knight's arch-rival was so interested in.

He then looked up at Black Knight in surprise when he realised what the spell was that Black Knight wanted him to help him use and what it could do.

"This spell?" Judas Black asked in surprise, "This is a spell that hasn't been used since the great Magic War, it's an infiltration spell that Magic Users used to get into an enemy's stronghold from within and do damage..."

"Exactly…." Black Knight interrupted while he also smiled deviously behind his hood and his half mask, "Do you think you can make this spell work?"

"It's old, but simple enough to do if one studies the spell words and knows how to apply the symbol correctly" Judas Black answered, but then looked at Black Knight suspiciously "What do you plan to do with this spell?"

"That's not your concern" Black Knight scowled, "Let's just say that if I manage to pull off what I plan to do with this spell that not only will I take care of Shadow Knight. I might just also take out the Heroes Legion as well."

"You're planning a little side plot huh?" Judas Black said in realization, closing the book in spite "Well sorry. But Meta-Master's order is Meta-Master's order and he says no one goes down there to menace the Heroes Legion until he is ready to implement…"

"I don't care" Black Knight scowled, "Meta-Master is a fool. He's busy putting up his chess pieces and he refuses to acknowledge that in order to win we need to not only take out the Heroes Legion, but also the hero who took a sledgehammer to that fool proof plan to take over the Heroes Legion headquarters last year during the early months…we take either of them out, and there won't be anyone left to stop what we plan to do…and his powers will be mine. I will be the better Shadow User instead of him. Besides...i'm sick of waiting to take another shot at him."

"I knew it" Judas Black exclaimed in annoyance, rolling his eyes "this is just another one of your "get shadow knight" schemes. It has nothing to do with ensuring Meta-Master's grand plan won't fail like his other one. You just won't be happy till he's dead and gone will you? Give me a good reason why I should help you with this scheme of yours?"

"You want me to tell Meta-Master about your little "Dark Raven" scheme that you pulled off not so long ago? The one that was intended to magically remake the world into the "realm of dark magic users" instead of metahumans like you had sworn you would help make him create under threat of death? Oh yeah…I know about that side plan of yours, so don't talk to me about side plans that go against Meta-Master's agenda. Imagine what Meta-Master would do to you if he found out that you tried to cut us and him out like that?" Black Knight warned.

Judas Black scowled, he almost let loose a painful paralytic electrical spike spell upon his teammate in response to this threat.

But upon realizing that his magic couldn't do anything to stop Black Knight from Shadow Walking away to tattletale him to Meta-Master…no matter how much he was tempted to jinx and hex the jerk in front of him that was now blackmailing him to help him in his own side scheme.

He relented and began scanning the spell in the spell book that Black Knight wanted to use.

"How did you know about my true scheme behind the "Dark Raven" plan? Scratch that, how the hell did you even find out about that plan? I told no one, not even Meta-Master. No one knew about it" he asked, growling scornfully at Black Knight as he examined the spell words and symbol on the spell books page.

"You talk to yourself a lot" Black Knight answered, "I just happened to be eavesdropping in the Shadow Realm just outside of the shadows of your safe houses east hallway. You blabbed the whole thing as you made your way to your domicile for the night. You really should learn to keep that mouth of yours shut, you never know if people might be nearby listening in at places you think are safe from earshot."

"Screw you, man!" Judas Black snapped, "I hope this spell screws up and you end up a cat or something!"

"Unlikely" Black Knight scoffed, "If I had read that page correctly, the spell will work on whatever it's applied to…and I won't mess up on applying it onto who I intend to use it on. I promise you that!"

"How are you even going to get this on Shadow Knight once I have finished conjuring up the spell?" Judas Black asked as he scanned the spell on the page with his eyes in a studying type manner.

"Leave that to me" Black Knight answered cryptically, "Trust me. If there's one thing I've learned facing him. It's that the only thing that gets the self-righteous and self-important Shadow Knight's goat and draws him out of his 'hidey hole' to face "evil doers"…its innocent bystanders being put in danger."

NEROU-TECH Building, Brooklyn/NYC: May 20th 2014: 8:30 PM

Dr Randy Tolan was working late tonight alongside his co-workers Dr Jessica Jennings and Ralph Baines on the top floor of the research section of the NEROU-TECH building.

The countries leading developers in neurological technology, which in layman's terms meant that this company was the lead developers in Brainwave technology.

Machines and technology that responded to brainwave patterns, and medical advancement in neurosurgery among other projects.

One of these projects that had been a boon to the medical profession as well as to the company's payroll was the development of a special type of bio-computer chip that could allow a paralyzed person to walk again.

And thanks to the number of paralytics that always sprang up due to car accidents and other events, the chip was not only a boon to medical practice, but a perennial to the company.

Now, now they were busy working on something new…something revolutionary.

Something that no one would have ever thought to be possible.

Something that the authors of science fiction of old and new had dreamt about for years becoming a reality, had now become a reality.

Mind Switching.

Well…actually it wasn't really "Mind Switching" as it was more perspective switching but it was damn near close enough.

They called it the Neuron Switch cap...or the "Neuro-Cap" for short.

It was a prototype series and it still needed some bugs worked out, but so far the device worked in most if not all the tests run on it.

What the device did was allow two people via a special brand of wireless waves to "fuse" and "Transfer" their neurological patterns to one another as long as the device was placed upon their temples.

In layman's terms, basically if two people were to put on the devices upon one's head, then the other person would see, feel, experience things from the other person's body…as if they were the owner of that body.

Once the caps were removed or they ran out of their charge, the individual person's minds perspective returned to their body.

So it was more perspective transference than actual brain swapping, but the process did in fact allow the sensations of brain swapping…like it could allow a woman to feel like she was in the body of a man and a man feel like he was in the body of a woman.

He knew that this was possible, because of his two co-workers.

They had found a….rather "inventive" way to test how well the Neuro-Caps worked by allowing a man or woman wearing them to feel like they had switched bodies.

Blasted rabbits, if they weren't so good at their jobs and his friends he would have had them removed from the project the second he had caught them using the Neuro-Caps the first time to…

That was when he noticed that in the container that held the prototype Neuro-Caps, out of the four that had been made…two were missing.

Her remembered that he had been busy examining the programing data on his computer when he had given his co-workers on the project permission to take a break and get some sleep since they had been working an ten hour day already working on making the program foolproof.

He then realised that his co-workers must have taken the caps while he wasn't looking and taken them to the living quarters that NEURO-TECH had for its employee's that worked on projects that involved them staying late hours or working weeks or months before late at night.

There was only one reason why they would borrow them.

Even though they were out of earshot, Dr. Randy Tolan was annoyed enough to shout his grievances in a manner that a grandfather would probably scold his grandchildren for stealing cookies from the jar behind his back.

"Dr Jessica Jennings and Dr. Ralph Baines! We didn't develop this technology so you two could see what it's like for the other person when you two have sex" he then paused in his rant, and scratched his chin inquisitively as he looked at the two remaining Neuron-switch devices on the counter, "Although…something tells me this would make a killer selling in the sex trade."

That was when the blade of a rapier sword suddenly appeared out of nowhere from behind where he stood and pressed itself against his neck.

He stood there in shock, and trembled in fear when he realised that where the sword was pressed…was right above his carotid artery and one good slice would slit his throat.

He heard a dark voice speak to him from behind where he stood, "How many people are in this building?"

He wasn't sure he should answer.

"Unless you want to know how a stuck pig feels when its throat is slit, I'd answer my question" the dark voice threatened.

"It's just me, the doctors and technicians in the living quarters and lower floors and twelve security personal through levels 5 to 1" Dr. Randy Tolan responded, under fear of death.

He was not a brave man.

"Good…" the dark voice said, "I was almost afraid that there would only be three people in this building, I want this to be something that will make the news. Nobody cares if three people are being held hostage…especially not scientists working on Wi-Fi headsets!"

The rapier sword retracted from Dr. Randy Tolan's neck, and before he knew it, he was shoved from behind by someone very strong.

He lost his balance and collided head first into the side of his desk, which knocked himself out instantaneously, leaving a bloody cut on his forehead from the impact.

Behind him, Black Knight examined the room with his eyes, looking for security cameras.

He found them, in four different sections of the room.

He smiled.

"Good…" he smirked behind his half mask, "If what I know about this place by my thirty seven days staking the place out from the shadows is correct. You and your "friends" will need something to check in on the hostages with once the security doors activate... Shadow Knight!"

Black Knight then took out a detonator device from his pocket, a detonator device.

Somewhere, deep in the vents of the building in the floor above him, there was a small explosive device.

Not enough to cause drastic damage to the building, just a small bundle of firework rockets that he had pilfered from a gas station in east Brooklyn.

But enough to trick the buildings Anti-Terrorism security system that the companies owners had put up during the paranoia years of the war in Iraq after 9/11.

But ever since the end of the war in Iraq all buildings had toned it down a notch in their building security protocols, not making them into "Fort Knox" level installations that turned into building sized traps to deal with any real, perceived or potential terrorists breaking in or whatnot if the situation ever occurred.

They triggered the security systems alarms, the system would deal with them and the cops would come to cart them off to prison or Guatemala.

That's how it used to be during the "Terror/Paranoia" Years of the early 2000's, when that went away, so did the ridiculously Overkill security systems.

But NEURO-TECH's owners…they had never actually had managed to get around to taking it down a notch or two in their buildings security when things died down after the war.

Even when they have had plenty of time and money to do so.

Now why was that?

Hubris, laziness, penny pinching or all of the above?

Black Knight didn't know, and Black Knight didn't care either.

Black Knight quickly turned into his living shadow form and stood there, watching with a cool and collected aura about him as his plan started to go into motion.

As if he was witnessing something out of a science fiction movie, the windows of the various floors of the 14 story building were sealed shut by a secondary layer of Diatitanium panels that slid out from between the glass frames of the windows.

Sealing the building, and trapping everyone inside.

After the building floors were sealed by way of the Diatitanium window panels.

Black Knight watched as from out of what looked like the fire extinguishing system in the rooms ceiling, a potent, colorless and fast acting knock out gas which filled the room completely in less than five minutes.

Dark Shadow smirked, he wasn't worried, and that was because he knew that as long as he was in his living Shadow form the gas had no effect on him.

But for the workers, the custodian staff, the scientists, the guards and the two affectionate scientists getting it on with one another a few floors down in the domiciles…the gas knocked them all out.

Black Knight now had his hostage situation, he knew that soon the buildings distress signal would send a signal to the police and S.L.E.E.T.

And if S.L.E.E.T got the message of what was going on here, then the Heroes Legion would soon be involved….and as an extension, so would Shadow Knight.

Everything was going exactly the way he had planned it to go, he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Whoever designed these Anti-Terrorist defense grids for these buildings, they obviously never counted on someone who didn't have to breathe coming in here and setting the whole thing off. I must say though, this is a bit much for a Technology and Medical Advancement building. Either the owners are still paranoid about the turban heads with the guns…or they or just plain lazy. Either way they helped me out a lot. I have made the first move in my plan to get revenge on Shadow Knight" Black Knight snickered, "And now…Shadow Knight…it's your move. Let the games begin!"