The trail to the river was a stream of mud by the time that we finally got to it. It was small and slick and I kept getting stuck in the quire. Liam was having an easier time, having been to the river multiple times before and had come prepared against the rain. He wore a windbreaker and galoshes, whereas I was in a t-shirt and flip-flops. Despite needing to stop every few feet to pull me out, we got to the riverbank just in time. The bank was a thin strip of gravel at the river's edge. It was neither comfortable nor easy to sit down on the timeworn pebbles so we leaned against a humongous boulder to catch our first view. We gazed upwards at the deep gray stormclouds releasing their heavy load of water as if some gigantic hand was wringing them out like a dishtowel. In our anticipation, we didn't mind the raindrops that splashed in our eyes, causing us to blink furiously. We ignored the bitter wind that came whooshing through the forest at us even though it gave us goosebumps. Then, as if as a reward for our good behavior, the pelting downpour ceased. The clouds on the horizon parted, letting the sun immerse us in it's golden radiance. A peculiar feeling of warmth engulfed my entire body, from my head to my toes. I wanted that feeling to stay with me forever.