A/N: NaPo2017! Let's see how I do this time around. I'm going with a general fantasy theme as opposed to individual prompts this time to broaden my fantasy repoirtre, so expect some leaning towards the kids to the dark to the supernatural to the sci-fi... You get the idea. :) I have a very loose definition of fantasy.

For the first poem, in honour of daylight savings (for Sydney anyway) and having to change every clock in the house, I present:

The Thirteenth Hour

It only comes once a year
if even that; it depends
since the globe spins
and where it lands…

Or the question really is
which lands:
those places where adults
sleep through and wake up
too early and yet too late
and wind back their clocks

But the children hear the midnight
bells ring and look outside.
The streetlights and trees
and birds and beasts
all dance outside.
They dance as well
in this hour the adults make
and the children reap
their reward for waiting up
for things that aren't to be
once the hour's gone.